Knitting the ballet

Remember the spot of yarn lust I had a week or so ago? And the incredible urge to knit ballet? Good. Knitting ballet is where it’s at right now. Being up in the hills for the weekend afforded me a lot of time to knit ballet.

New bun cover, quick half an hour project on Saturday afternoon. New skill learned = beaded knitting. I’ve thought on and off about beaded knitting since I once eschewed it on a pattern about three years ago and then about a week or so ago I had the epiphany of ‘well surely it can’t be that hard if I just thread the beads on before I cast on then…’ BANG TIDY I believe is not the phrase we’re looking for here folks. Probably bob on is more what I’m after. The yarn is a Wendy Happy which does not make me happy, it’s a vile splitty bamboo blend sock yarn that I simply do not get along with. Bleurgh. I’m using most of it on my current blanket but I think I could stretch to using it for bun covers every now and again too. I’m kind of in love with the finished product, I have to admit.

Most of Saturday was given over to my original ballet yarn, the King Cole Riot, to finish my pointe shoe bag. I’d bought the yarn because it reminded me of Ondine. Knit up, it reminded me less of that and more of something I can’t quite put my finger on. One of my friends suggested Carabosse, I’m not inclined to agree (partly because many moons ago I once bought the ideal Carabosse yarn, it was seriously gorgey mcgorge on stilts). One side is pretty swirly cables that remind me of ribbons and Balanchine’s Serenade, the other side is a basic lace net to allow breathing space for my shoes. I hated working with the yarn (boo splitty) but knit up it’s gorgeous and I’m somewhat enamoured in a shameless kind of fashion.

Don’t look too closely or you will see my really, really dreadful seaming. I’d half planned to knit it in the round then graft the bottom together but realised before I’d cast on that it wasn’t really designed to be knitted in the round. The colourway wound up being a lot more evenly striped than I’d envisaged, I think this is why I can’t equate it with Ondine in the way that I did when it was still balled. I just, I’m not sure what it is. Answers on a postcard, please.

I also got started on a couple of projects…

The Elite Syncopations legwarmers. I’m not entirely convinced about these right now, maybe we’ll see once I’ve actually finished one. I’m a bit unhappy with the way the colours are coming out in it. They start off all swirly and gorgeous at the bottom but as I’ve gone up the white seems to have vanished and the colours are kind of clumping together instead. I mean there’s every chance it’ll look slightly different on but I’m not sure. I’m just also not minded right now to rip the whole lot back and start again. But I just… oh, it’s so maddening and saddening when you buy an exciting gorgeous yarn with a whole wealth of expectations on it and it doesn’t quite live up.

Still reminds me of Elite Syncopations though. Hurrah. I guess that’s a plus, isn’t it?

And finally I got cracking on with my shrug:

Literally I am so in love with this I just want to finish it NOW NOW NOW. The impulse lust purchase of that Manos Serena is just… *mwah* My plan essentially is to knit up the entire hank of Serena then knit up the other purple sleeve bit, see how long it is and just seam the sleeves up to where my shoulders are rather than adhering to any kind of pattern/measurements/sense of self. It’s so amazingly soft and stroky and… I WANT IT NOW PLEASE NOWNOWNOW. Not that I’m impatient or anything. I think the colourway here is kind of Aurora-ish but again, not entirely sure. Answers on another postcard?




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2 responses to “Knitting the ballet

  1. L

    Love the projects! Will you reveal your buncover recipe? I have some leftover sock yarn that is crying to join my bun. Right now my knitting bag and dance bag have pretty much become intertwined. (It’s ugly. But very very fun.)

    • thepimwithacapitalt

      It’s available on Rav – snowflake snood, I think is the name of the pattern. I know it’s definitely in my projects (I’m pim2005 over there, feel free to add!) on there though. It’s really simple lace that doesn’t require much thinking/effor – totally worth it!

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