Getting thinking… and possibly creative

I ordered myself this warm up on impulse the other day, hey it was cheap on Porselli and Johanna over at Pointe Til You Drop  had got one and was raving about it s-oo I figured, what the hey, seven quid, why not. It arrived, I tried it on and as predicted, I had woe about the fact that I am not built like a ballerina.

So, what I’m thinking is… basically because I hate the way it has to stretch to accommodate my hips and bum and it clings there when it bags everywhere else what I’m going to try is… I’m kind of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best with this but I’ve butchered a pair of knitted tights before and they’ve survived. I’ll try and get a lifeline in, chop the legs off, rerib and turn those into thigh high legwarmer because they will be beyond awesome. Then I’m going to cut the top off and hem it so I can just have it as a vest top kind of thing to throw on over a leotard.

Naturally I’m a bit wary of doing it but I think it’ll work. I’m hopeful. And they are going to be badass legwarmers.

I’ve also finished my beautiful shrug this weekend, not worn it yet – suddenly summer’s put in a reappearance and I’d probably have boiled wearing it in class this afternoon – other than to try it on and make sure I’d got my seams to the right points.

I need to get some pictures of it being worn as it ought to be… now I just need to talk someone into doing that for me. I bribe with chocolate, alcohol and knitted goods 😉


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