A spot of creativity for a Wednesday night…

Remember the romper I bought that I decided I’d never wear as a romper? Yes?

Remember I had all sorts of grand plans to turn it into (a) legwarmers and (b) a vest top because I hated the way it stretched over my hips? Yes? I thought I’d get started on the legwarmers tonight…

First put in your lifeline that way when you chop knitwear it doesn’t unravel beyond there. Cunning, huh?


Second go delving into the ‘accidental purchases’ bag from Saturday en route to class to look for the elastic you bought at the same time because you figured it might come in handy. I have plans for those yarns (to wit: legwarmers, a shrug and gloves).

Third recover elastic from bottom of shopping bag.



Fourth indulge in a few ‘hanging off the edge of the bed’ acrobatics to locate sewing needles, pin cushion and cotton. You can tell I’m not a sewist 😉


Fifth lay elastic below lifeline, fold over and hem (badly).



Voilà legwarmer! Just need to do the other one now. Maybe not tonight, quite tired right now…



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2 responses to “A spot of creativity for a Wednesday night…

  1. You’re so clever! That looks fab 🙂

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