The Bridget Jones Factor: Confession Time

Okay, time for me to ‘fess up. I have a fear.

You know in Bridget Jones (I think it’s the second movie), she goes to some fancy swanky party with Colin Firth and is terrified that someone will catch her out and get slung out on her ear for being ridiculous? Right? Anyone with me?

That’s me, essentially, every single time I go to a ballet class. Just waiting for that moment of ‘<insert my actual name here>, you are ridiculous, get out’. Even with classes I’ve been going to forever(ish). I’m used to (more or less) all my teachers now but I’m still waiting for that moment of ‘and why do you think you should be in this class?’. To be honest, I don’t think I could even begin to answer that question.

I get nervy when we have cover teachers, waiting for that awkward moment when you’re going to be rumbled… what is this, brain, what is this? My life my occasionally be as farcial as Bridget’s (although minus the tangled love live) but no one has yet rumbled me. I wonder if this explains why I’m so constantly tense in class and CANNOT RELAX BECAUSE I SHOULD NOT REALLY BE HERE? Who even knows?

On the other hand, if Colin Firth & Hugh Grant want to rock on up to my ballet class any time soon and indulge in a small  man fight over me, I won’t be arguing too loudly, just putting it out there… along with this gif which makes me lol:



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3 responses to “The Bridget Jones Factor: Confession Time

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  2. Acacia

    I have the same problem with the Phony Police (coined by Bead 109). The feeling that someone will finally figure it out that you really don’t belong, that you’re actually incompetent. I deal with it every day.

    • thepimwithacapitalt

      I only really get it in ballet now. Occasionally it pops up at work and bowls me over for six because I tend not to expect it there now. But I find gritting my teeth and just getting on is the way through it… boo you, Phoney Police!

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