A sense of perspective: life beyond the barre

Somewhere along the line this year I got serious about ballet. Not ‘I must make this my career put me on the stage IMMEDIATELY and let me do ALL THE EXAMS’ serious, just a bit more serious than I was before. Two lessons a week suddenly wasn’t enough. Frankly, neither is the eight I can do but sadly there’s this job thing I have to go to which feeds my habit. Of course, the problem with my ballet need having got serious is that it’s curtailed my socialising time even more than it already was. Giving up two evenings a week was one thing, giving up four (the fifth is Brownies) and both my weekend afternoons leaves me with pretty much no time at all and, much as I love my friends and want to do things, I find myself getting resentful if I have to give up going to class to do it. Crazy? Maybe.

That said, it’s good every once in a while to get some perspective and just redress the balance – life can’t be all pliés and pirouettes – and remember that there is life beyond the barre and that I am capable in engaging in conversation that is not about ballet! Blimey O’Reilly’s trousers, frankly.

Yesterday I went to my friend’s youngest’s first birthday party. My feet vaguely protested (‘What do you mean you’re going to skip pointe class? You do know you can’t go to pointe on Thursday because it’s Jewels and that means next pointe is NEXT SUNDAY?’). My feet can go hang, frankly. I had a cracking afternoon: I played pirates with the baby and his big sisters (nine and four), nine year old at one point completely floored me (physically, literally I mean) whilst we were pulling scary faces at each other, I caught up with some friends, I relaxed with my feet up on the garden table, I ate triangle sandwiches and a million carrot sticks. Essentially I had a smashing good time. After that I went to stay over with another friend, was introduced to the wonder that is Downton Abbey (I NEED ALL THE DOWNTON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW), knitted, chatted, nommed some soup, was entertained by the cats and then fell asleep on the sofa bed. Tonight I’m off out for dinner and cinema with my housemate because, despite living together, we never see each other because I always have class – and the thing is here, housemate and I have been friends since our first year at uni, it’s not like we’re randoms living together.

Tomorrow it’s back to class.  And then Thursday, oooh Thursday, I am finally back to the Opera House to see the Royal Ballet’s Jewels. It has been far too long since I last descended upon my spiritual home… hurrah!

Plans and schemes, thoughts and dreams, who cares what they mean? When they work they’re amazing things, but when they don’t I hear you scream. (Mercury Rev, Spiders and Flies)



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2 responses to “A sense of perspective: life beyond the barre

  1. Eight classes a week? Wow, holy crap, that is awesome. That said I’m currently at three, and would love to add more, except my work schedule prevents me from taking classes two nights a week, the two days of the week that always seem to have the classes I want to take.
    I have similar issues with friends too. Many just don’t understand the joy I’ve rediscovered in ballet and think I’m nuts for spending hours of my free time dancing around in tights. Oh well, I still love ’em, but they just don’t get it.
    p.s. I really dig your blog, really funny, and added it to my blogroll.

    • thepimwithacapitalt

      Getting the full eight in’s going to be a rarity (six ‘normal’ classes plus two pointe) as my diary’s filling up with ‘going to the ballet’ as well. I guess I’m lucky in that work literally actually fling us out of the building by 6pm, I just have to make sure I’m in by the right time to be able to leave for class…

      I think pretty much everybody I know doesn’t quite get the whole ballet thing but it’s quite nice that a certain section of my friends will mock me mericlessly for it (“oooooh are you going to be a REAL DANCER AT A SCHOOL” and the like) – it helps keep me in check 😉

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