Cranky McRanty Pants Rides Again/I look for things to make me smile…

I have been Cranky McRanty Pants of Ranty street for about the last ten days or so taking in stops at awkward turtle, rampant paranoia, ranty mcranty, super rational and reasonable, and the end of my proverbial tether. The knife edge I thought I’d stopped balancing on a few months ago was back with a bang and it was liable to go one way or the other. I think super rational and reasonable is back though (it usually wins in the end, generally after the moment where I realise that I’m really, really annoying myself let alone anyone else). Essentially, I’m not terribly good at, to paraphrase President Bartlet, “standing there in my wrongness and being wrong and getting used to it” or having out loud conversations with my conscience (hearing other people speaking my thoughts is always marginally unnerving) both of which are usually followed up by super rational and reasonable me muttering ‘I told you so, self, you are an idiot‘.

So, I’ve kind of over the last few days, tried to redress the balance a bit with the ‘looking for things that make me smile’ thing – there’s only so long even I can spend dwelling on my own stupidity after all.

On Thursday night I went to see the sublime Idina Menzel in concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I’d kind of kept forgetting we were going on account of having booked it ages ago and, essentially, it not being ballet (*facepalm* It’s Idina frickin’ Menzel!!!). Oh my goodness, it was amazing. Seriously amazing. Like, no words amazing. IDINA MENZEL. And Marvin Hamlisch (who may have retweeted one of my over excitable tweets about Idina and over which I may have had a complete freak out in my kitchen). IDINA, people, IDINA. She was super adorable and cute and funny and… what a voice. What. A. Voice. The highlight though? Idina singing ‘For Good’ from Wicked acapella and without a mike and just her voice filling the entire RAH. It was perfect, actual perfection. The second highlight was ‘No Day But Today’ from Rent where she made us sing the echo, that was pure magic. There were other songs too and mostly I’m all ‘OMGELEVENTYONESQUEE’ about it, so I’ll just leave you with this…

“Don’t dream too far, don’t lose sight of who you are.”

Idina aside, photos… ‘every picture tells a story’ after all:





New long socks, microwaveable slippers, getting the blankets back out – autumn’s definitely arrived with a vengeance.





New yarn, getting my current scrap blanket half finished, lunch time autumnal strolls in the park.





Covering my stapler with apple stickers, emergency cake kind of days, random sculptures at the ICA.





Making toffee apples with the small people.





Handwriting out a recipe from memory on the train on remembering that the printed copy is still in your in tray, televisual perfection, nature in the park.

I am slacking off class today in favour of tidying my room – which looks like a small explosive device has gone off in it – to the accompaniment of West Wing Season 3 then later some guilty pleasure viewing of Strictly Come Dancing. Also, my spine is still being vaguely flouncy from overdoing the attitude promenade thing earlier in the week. Speaking of, my clinic letter came from the hospital the other day – I was quite amused to find myself described as ‘generally neurologically intact’. Hopefully it won’t take too long for my physio referral to come through now… we shall see.


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