…en sonnant les cloches d’enfer/RIP my red shoes


My favourite shiny red party shoes died horribly yesterday. Please take a moment to admire how beautiful they are (were, hélas). I was wandering around in the office and realised they felt slightly odd, turned my left foot over and realised they’d split straight along the middle of the sole under my toes. Irreperably. And the other one was heading the same way. To have them both resoled and reheeled would probably cos more than the shoes did in the first instance so, reluctantly and with grande tristesse, I binned them. My face, it was sad 😦

It did get me thinking about my ballet shoes though… my normal ones, not my pointe shoes. I’m probably going to be needing new ones in a month or so’s time, depending on how well they survive the wash. And, drumroll, I’m contemplating cheating on my Freeds. *gasp* IKR? I’ve always had Freeds since going back to ballet as an adult. I feel… almost sullied for even thinking it. Meep. I have time to contemplate it (and probably decide to stick with Freeds because I can easily get there on my lunch break, hush).

I can assure you though, my new shoes will not be pink. No pink ballet shoes for me. Definitely not never ever. *shudder*



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8 responses to “…en sonnant les cloches d’enfer/RIP my red shoes

  1. They didn’t last very long really did they?

  2. Why no pink ballet shoes?

    I’ve never tried Freed slippers… don’t see them much in the States (pointes, yes, but regular slippers, no). I’m a big fan of Bloch slippers, the Pump and the NeoHybrid, especially.

    • Pink ballet shoes = too reminiscent of bad childhood ballet experiences. It rules out great swathes of shoes, but it’s one less thing likely to plunge me back into ‘argh noooooooooo ballet’. Fail, self.

      i work about 15 minutes stroll from the Freed shop s-oo, kinda convenient really and I do like their canvas split soles. I had some Blochs a couple of years ago but they were so very wrong for my feet, I was kind of put off :\

  3. sorry about your red shoes. they were SUPER cute. i am about to betray my blochs for freeds…we’ll see how that goes 🙂

    • They were totally amazingly gorgeous shoes. I’d only had them about six weeks as well 😦

      I really like Freed slippers… their men’s canvas top spins are amazing (the ladies’ top spins are ridiculously narrow and probably don’t fit anyone over a C width fitting o_0).

  4. I´m having a silent moment for your fabulous red shoes here. I understand how you must feel, I have my red shoes still stored away. They don´t fit me anymore, I was two years old when I wore them last.. 😉

    But sweetie, ballet slippers are not really pink! My “ballet pink” Pump slippers from Bloch are more of a nude-ish colour, and blend in perfectly with my summer-is-over-pale feet. You could also get “flesh”-coloured slippers, but they look better on tanned feet.

    I wear black leggings to class, never pink tights. But my nude-ish slippers make my legs look longer and more fabulous! Black slippers just don´t do the trick unless you wear black footed tights too. Consider the fab factor and let go of the past! Conquer the ballet-pink! 🙂

    As for brands.. My first pair were white leather Freeds, but I´ve been a Bloch girl for much longer. Pump is a good model, fits perfectly around the heel and makes your arch look awesome! I also like their Proform, which has a wider leather sole under the ball of the foot. Works well for balancing and turning!

    • Buy more red shoes! Red shoes are amazing and so happy-making!

      Ballet pink is ballet pink is… well, it makes me a little nauseous. I’m just not really a pink kind of person (childhood ballet issues aside). I wear white split sole canvases, but they do tend to get incredibly filthy/smelly but at least they wash!

      Freeds have always been good to me but I kind of don’t want to have ‘settled’ on a pair, IYSWIM. I wind up wrenching the drawstring and insoles out of my shoes after a few weeks anyway and, if I can get away with it, I do barre in my socks/tights.

      We’ll see… although I know I’ll keep putting it off and putting it off until it hits the stage of ‘really need these NOW’ and only having a lunch break to get them in which means Freed!

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