Brought to you by my own over inflated sense of self importance/a post about knitting…

I don’t think I’d be lying too badly if I said I’m pretty ace at knitting.

Now, the thing is, when I convinced my Mutti it would be a good idea to teach me four or so years ago I was very firm on one thing: I would only be knitting sensible, useful things (gloves, socks, scarves, cardigans etc). Somehow, somewhere along the line I’ve wound up deviating from that a little and I now knit both the sublime and the ridiculous. I have lines, of course, with the ridiculous (no, person you know who you are, I am not never ever knitting you a pair of gladiator sandals) but they’re kind of blurry. A polar bear in hooker shoes and disco pants, an orange bear with a bacothong and, err, William Shatner’s face, for example…





Yeah. I could just rest my glitter suitcase there, but I won’t. What happens next is this… same friend who is labouring under the misillusion that one day I’ll knit her some gladiator sandals wanted a knitted Lady Amherst’s Pheasant as a birthday gift.

You see my problem, folks? I trawled ye olde intrawebz and there was narry a pheasant knitting pattern to be found. Whilst I can knock up my own patters for simple things like socks and gloves and legwarmers and scarves and hats, I figured a pheasant may be a bit beyond my capabilities. Then said friend got a kindle. “How about a Lady Amherst’s Pheasant kindle cover?” suggested I, thinking it may be a bit lighter on my sanity. Luckily for me she agreed. So off I trundled to the google machine to find a suitable picture of an LAP to put through the amazing KnitPro generator to get a colourwork chart.

Lucky I like a challenge, huh? At one juncture there were SEVEN bobbins on the go with this. But I like colourwork, so it’s all good. There’s something oddly soothing about it. Well until you get all your ends and bobbins tangled up and then it’s a hard fight to not cry over it… But I soldiered on and, after a lot of knotting and sewing on Friday night, it was finished:





Anyway, I’m a fule, and don’t have any pictures of it in its finished glory covering the kindle it was made for. You’ll just have to take my word for it that its amazing and beautiful and all the rest of it. Oh and that I’m super talented. And, like, the best friend ever… 😉

</shameless self promotion>


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One response to “Brought to you by my own over inflated sense of self importance/a post about knitting…

  1. Liz

    That is brilliant!

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