In no particular order/musings of the balletic and not so variety…

1. Who decided a pas de chat should be called a pas de chat? I mean, has anyone ever seen a cat jump like that or did I just luck out with a childhood pet who generally didn’t go in for the whole ‘movement’ thing anyway?
2. Let’s take a moment to talk about my relevé to passé yesterday because it was totally and utterly bob on and I’m still slightly in shock. I mean straight up there, everything right, hand straight off the barre and hold for the full 16 counts. It felt incredible. I even came down properly.
3. Then we gloss over the rest of class which was, essentially, a fight against myself. Bad, bad, bad weight placing in pirouettes – too far back and too far over, couldn’t right myself. Clumpy landing in petits assemblés because my elevation was somewhat non est, did manage to find enough legs to work out the first part of the EE though…
4. Do ballet teachers have some kind of communal brain cell? There are things you find yourself thinking are particular to one class/teacher and then ‘kaboom’ it turns up in a different one. Quite confusing, momentarily disconcerting.
5. The clog dance from Fille has been stuck in my head since Sunday.
6. I finished knitting myself a pair of ‘glittens’* yesterday. I managed to knit myself two right ones. If I were less lazy I’d rip the mitten top off one of them and knit it back on the other side but… I kinda like the quirk of having to wear one backwards. I’ve cast on a new pair, they’re going to have gorgeous cabled cuffs rather than boring 2×2 rib.
7. I took class without legwarmers yesterday. It was weird. I normally only wear them for barre until my ankles warm up and decide to play ball a bit more but for some reason I’d chucked in my epic thigh high ones and… well, really not the class you need legwarmers like that in. I’d’ve chucked them off after tendus if I’d had them on.
8. I have bought cardigan yarn for my wrap cardigan. And I have made DECISIONS about it. It is going to be a soft pale grey with bits of Fair Isle in red and turquoise (both of which I’d bought to make myself some stripy gloves but I feel they will be better served here). I spent some time last week doodling pretty geometric designs** to try and chart. I’m also going to try and knock up the entire pattern myself, eep! My lovely Mutti is coming to stay this weekend so she’s going to get roped in to take ALL OF THE MEASUREMENTS. I’m even going to knit a tension square. I believe I may actually be taking this seriously.
9. The top of my spine feels all gnarled and twisty horrible and I feel like I’m at about twenty seven different angles. Should probably ring my GP to make sure they’ve done my physio referral on that note and maybe talk about flu jabs. No enthusiasm here for either of those.
10. Probably there isn’t a tenth point. I just like multiples of five.

Pas de chat: see, cats don't jump like that

Glittens: nifty

*Glittens – fingerless gloves with mitten tops. I don’t like having the tips of my fingers covered.
**I am obsessed with one particular square on the blanket I made for my housemate which is a snowflake/star design. This is influencing my thinking on the Fair Isle front and I may have to spend some time communing with my colourwork stitch dictionary.



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2 responses to “In no particular order/musings of the balletic and not so variety…

  1. I am getting vicarious fairisle excitement already…

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