Leave a light on for me/In conversation with Marianela and Thiago

There are some things in this life that I would quite possibly sell a kidney for with any hesitation. I am not, I hasten to add, advocating the sale of one’s own organs (even in extremis), I’m just using it as a turn of phrase. And, having gone off amazingly tangentially there, let me tell you where I went last night… oh wait, I’ve given it away in the title.

Insight Evening: In conversation with Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares.

Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares (The Guardian)

I didn’t have to sell a kidney for it, I just paid the face value of the ticket price when booking opened for the Autumn season. I took one look at it on the list, saw there were tickets and went ‘yes, please, thank you, MINE’ but it never seemed quite real that I was going until they were sitting mere feet away from me last night. I mean just THERE, right in front of me, being there, being them, being incredibly adorable. Hang on… if you’re here for sense, I wouldn’t be. This is totally going to be ‘OMG!!!eleventyone!!!squee!!!’ territory. If that offends you, look away now 😉

I have complete and utter shameless adoration for both Marianela and Thiago as dancers and so much more for them as human beings after last night. There’s only so much printed word interviews can get across after all and certainly they miss the nuances of body language and talking with hands and generally they’re written for a spin of some sort.

Marianela Nuñez & Thiago Soares (The Ballet Bag)

They were… oh. Gorgeous. Adorable. Cute. And so completely and utterly besotted with each other I kind of wanted to pinch their cheeks and feed them cake. I restrained myself, valiantly (also, I had no cake with me). Just going to put it out there though that Marianela possibly has the cutest wee face in all the world.

They talked about their summer wedding and how they didn’t want to accidentally turn it into a performance because performing is what they do. They talked about their respective careers and how they wound up at the Royal Ballet, including Kevin O’Hare essentially calling Thiago a ‘beach bum’ prior to him discovering ballet. There was a clip of them in Diamonds which they both love and were a bit like ‘it was like a third wedding’ (<3) and one of their Act 3 pas de deux from Swan Lake (Thiago likes that ballet, it might be his favourite). Marianela got adorably excited over getting to watch the clip of Thiago in Judas Tree. Oh and Thiago talking about dancing the Don Q pas de deux in a supermarket (or some such) with Roberta Marquez back in the day.

Hmm… other things, in vaguely incoherent order-ish fashion. Someone asked about them being recognised when they go back to Argentina/Brazil, whilst Marianela was all ‘no one knows me in Buenos Aires’ she then said something along the lines of ‘but he gets recognised on the street [in Rio]’ at which Thiago turned round and went ‘BY MY MUM’, pwned. There was a clip of them dancing the pas de deux from Le Corsaire with Marianela doing four million fouettés and one pirouette which had about six turns to which Thiago turned round and went ‘so I’m thinking here, what do I do to top this?!’. He did a whole load of arabesque turns and other things then half way through his coda his face broke into the cheesiest grin ever which had Marianela giggling delightedly going ‘your face! Your face!’.

Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares: Le Corsaire

Ohhhhh and there was a beautiful moment when they were asked about taking off stage feelings into their on stage roles and they were both (mostly Thiago though) all ‘well of course we take them on stage, you can’t just turn that sort of thing off’. I swear my ovaries actually exploded at that juncture (if they hadn’t already).

I left feeling all of a squee with everything. Also left sharpish in case I bumped into Monica Mason (who’d been in the audience) and accidentally emptied the contents of my brain at her again…*

Marianela Nuñez & Thiago Soares in Rom&Jul (Vogue)

*I bumped into her on the stairs leaving after the Dance à grande vitesse triple bill in the summer, completely on a high after DGV, stopped, blinked and then babbled nonsensically at her about how much I loved DGV. Fortunately she seemed unfazed by my enthusing, beamed and said ‘yes, it’s a real treat, isn’t it?’ or some such at which I nodded like a nodding dog and ran off.


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