…help me take the shadows away/cardigan redux

Yarny goodness!

Fair Isle Plotting

I am totally loving doodling geometric designs for this. I’d sort of settled on the snowflake a while ago but I couldn’t quite get the right chart. I managed it tonight but I don’t think it needs the ‘t’ bits round the edges so I’ve taken those out. This is why practice tiny squares are a good thing.

I’ll tell you what else is a good thing: going out for dinner with the friend you can share with, BBM chats with my bestest and discussing root veg via Twitter with my mini-me. Post is also a good thing. I got Haribo in the post today, which was excellent, although they’ve all gone now. I also got this:

Possibly the best book EVER

I am planning on knitting ALL OF THE CATS in this book. I kid you not.

And this has arrived this week too… as a slight distraction from West Wing:

Two episodes in and I am having ALL OF THE FEELINGS

It’s all good. Yep.



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4 responses to “…help me take the shadows away/cardigan redux

  1. You are a jolly being. As is the custard doughnut I just finished. ALL THE SNIGGERS AND HUGS. XXXXX

  2. Ooh I didn’t realise that series 6 was out now. I’m wondering if I can somehow encourage C to leave the country next week so I can watch it.

    • Neither did I until I thought I’d have a sneaky peak on Amazon whilst I was ordering the ridiculous cat knitting book. Two eps in and ALL THE FEELINGS. I’d forgotten this show did that to me… Encourage him to leave immediately!

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