…I made my plans on solid rock/”It smells like the weekend” (a post about cake)

I was in bed by half past seven last night, cwtshed up in my PJs and watching Bones. About an hour and a half later I was overcome by the need for cake. That all consuming MUST HAVE NOW need. So I got up again and schlepped downstairs to the kitchen for a quick emergency baking session. Not quite as glorious as the one I had in my final year at uni which involved having to raid ALL my housemates’ cupboards to get enough ingredients together, but still pretty nifty. I admit freely that I am no LondonBakes in the kitchen (luckily she is one of my favouritest people) but I can cobble a thing or two together when I have to…

Nellie’s emergency cake recipe (variation on a theme of my mother, grandmother, your average Vicky sponge)

4oz self raising flour

4oz caster sugar

2oz butter

2 eggs (do not forget to add these)

Splash of milk

Dash of vanilla essence

Dollop of cocoa powder (optional to make it chocolatey)

The crucial thing to remember here is that I have no real technique for baking a bog standard sponge-esque cake. Life is too short to be creaming butter and sugar and all that jazz. So my dead simple recipe is: dump all ingredients in bowl.

Do not forget the eggs, gets messy if you do... lalala (the pen is not in the mix! It was under the bowl! I promise!)

Get out the trusty electric whisk and blitz the lot together until all the lumps are gone. Sample to check it tastes like cake (add anything you feel it’s lacking.)

Spoon out into baking tray/fairy cake cases/whatever. If you’re doing it in a cake tin don’t forget to grease it beforehand! This amount of mixture makes 12 fairy cakes and one small star mould (or approx 16 fairy cakes).

Plonk in oven on gas mark 6/200C for around 10-15 minutes. Check, poke with a skewer – if it comes out clean you’re good.

And eat… (do not consider how many pliés it will take to burn off the cake because CAKE IS GOOD.)

Fairy cake = HOW MANY pliés?!

It’s all vaguely more appealing than my dinner tonight…

Quorn pieces, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, tin of tomatoes, sweet chilli sauce, garlic, rosemary... ooh and CHEESE, because everything can be improved by cheese



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4 responses to “…I made my plans on solid rock/”It smells like the weekend” (a post about cake)

  1. aitchemelle

    Cake = good! I did 16 plies in dance club tonight… that’s me teaching small peeps how to plie too (I know there should be an accent there, I suck). Can I have some cake now?
    And yes, everything is infinitely better with cheese. Especially quorn.

  2. Oh Nellie, you are the sweetest. Also, I have a genius idea for an awesome cookie which I may whip out for one of our various Christmas events.

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