…I’m too busy holding up the world/cardigan and cake: redux

For a Saturday, I appear to have been somewhat productive. Remember my warm up cardigan I’ve been going on about foreverfor a while? Well I have FINALLY got my Fair Isle chart sorted, I’ve busted out a couple of tensions squares and just as soon as I’ve finished this entry I’m going to cast it on… eep!




The one on the left is the final chart, the middle one is a wildly doodled one I did last night (completely shattered). From these I knitted a sample of the pattern to check for tension (it doesn’t really lose any, woo!) – I was idly theorising on the side of the chart about what roles I really want to dance in ballet (that’s a whole other post I’m building up to incidentally).

Feeling virtuous knitting-wise, I made a shopping list and headed off in a supermarketly direction to invest in such everyday mundane things as cereal and mushrooms and some vastly more interesting things with which I planned on doing a lot of baking.

When I was a teenager my mother would occasionally have a day off work in the middle of term just to do her baking without me, my brother and my father getting under her feet. I always thought it was such a glorious concept. Admittedly I couldn’t bake until I went to uni and I learned the essentials over the phone to my mother… like pastry. My mother has taught me to make pastry three times: the first over the phone in my first year at university, the second last Christmas and the third when she came to stay a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ve got the hang of it now so I decided to fly solo this afternoon.

Jam and marmalade tarts. 6oz self raising flour, 3oz butter, beaten egg and milk, jam/marmalade, 15 minutes(ish) at gas mark 6. Pastry, says my mother, is a very forgiving thing to bake. She has a point. She said the same about knitting. She has a point there too. I think from now on I should only take up forgiving hobbies, it might make my life considerably easier… or possibly I should just make more pastry. It is very forgiving: it falls apart, you stick it back together again. Waddya know?

Treacle toffee flapjack. I kid you not, this is possibly the best thing in the world I have made. Ever. I used this recipe and I think it might be the best recipe ever. Well flapjackwise anyway. I’d never made flapjack until earlier this year I thought I’d give it a whirl to take to work for my birthday and I couldn’t believe I’d never done it before it was so easy!  Well if we gloss over the bit where I decided it couldn’t possibly be baked and nearly burnt my tongue off trying it to make sure… I’ve not done that since 😉

Raspberry fairy cakes with white chocolate icing. Raspberry and white chocolate chip cakes. Omnomnom. When I had my first job after uni, living in a houseshare I hated and avoided as much as possible – I discovered the raspberry/white choc combination on the occasional evening I spent in Caffé Nero to avoid going home. White choc/raspberry muffin and a gigantic cup of tea made the concept of going back not as terrible as it had been beforehand…

I’m going to cast on my cardigan now, watch some more Bones and try not to think about how many pliés are in that flapjack…



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3 responses to “…I’m too busy holding up the world/cardigan and cake: redux

  1. aitchemelle

    Love the knitting, love the baking. Great chart! 🙂

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