…cent fois sans effort/Thoroughly Novembered

My case of the Novembers came sort of as a stealth attack this year, I was doing quite well until a few days ago; now I’m suspended somewhere around wanting to cry all the time. I knew I’d been utterly Novembered though last night when I concluded that I probably wouldn’t care if I never took a ballet class again… o_0

Personally I’m blaming the fact that I trapped something in my shoulder doing the filing yesterday to tip me from mildly to thoroughly Novembered. Dangerous occupation filing, won’t be doing that again in a hurry… 😉

Anything that hibernates has got it right, I tell you… wake me up come spring 🙂

Hedgehogs got it right (BBC images)



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2 responses to “…cent fois sans effort/Thoroughly Novembered

  1. Hibernation sounds like the best option certainly. I am now at the point of feeling slightly violent towards November. Why is it so darn long? And don’t even get me started on the conspiracy that is getting up in the dark AND getting home in the dark! I’d share my chocolate mousse with you if I thought that would help!

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