…where we’ve been building our dreams/the five roles I’d love to dance

Darling readers, I am beplagued. By which I mean I have the girl version of ‘man flu’ which is most annoying as I am off to Paree on Saturday for ‘the three Ps*: rematch’. My immune system has about 36 hours in which to sort itself out. So, to cheer myself up, I thought I’d make the post of the five roles I’d love to dance that’s been brewing in my tiny little mind for the last week or so:

1. Carabosse – Sleeping Beauty

Monica Mason rehearses Kristen McNally as Carabosse (Royal Ballet)

I admit, not your average tutu pointe role but hey… what’s not to love about Carabosse? She’s supremely evil, she has evil minions, she has an evil chariot. Clearly Carabosse is quite misunderstood à la the Wicked Witch of the West** and she deserves a little more credit.

2. Myrtha – Giselle

Monica Mason rehearses Laura McCulloch as Myrtha (Royal Ballet)

You don’t want to dance Giselle? No, not really. I mean it’d be quite awesome obviously but really the role I’m attracted to is Myrtha. All that presence and power and command. She’s amazing.

3. ‘That’ Darcey role in Elite Syncopations

Darcey Bussell in Elite Syncopations

What’s not to love about this role? It’s fun, it’s jazzy, it’s flirty and the Scott Joplin music is incredible.

4. The dancing flea in ‘Still Life at the Penguin Café’

The Royal Ballet – Still Life at the Penguin Café

A dancing flea, for real? Are you sure? Hell yeah. It’s like Morris dancing done ballet style! And you get to run around being all pointey jumpy and getting in the way of men with sticks! And it’s funny!

5. Anything in Balanchine’s Symphony in C

Miami City Ballet dance Balanchine’s Symphony in C

I don’t have a specific movement in this ballet that I’d want to dance beyond ‘ALL OF IT AT ONCE’. It really is the perfect ballet, the one that just keeps giving. It’s incredible, just when you think it’s amazing and can’t get any better, Mr B pulls something else out of the bag. The slow (second?) movement is perfectly sublime, the final movement is boundlessly joyous. It’s just one of those incredible ballets that celebrates everything that is amazing and incredible and just oh so perfect about ballet.

So that’s my five, thoughts?



*Paris, Puppinis and (p)Alice (the p is silent)

**See Gregory Maguire’s Wicked (or the musical based thereon). If we follow this theory, the Lilac Fairy is clearly the supreme baddie of Sleeping Beauty


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