…to try new ambitions and learn new friends’ names/authority via the medium of cake

Things I have learned this week: class is a super struggle after your work Christmas lunch. Pre-class I was unattractively draped over the barre having hit that ‘too full’ wall of sheer exhaustion. To be quite honest, I’m surprised I managed to haul myself into the air for any of allegro. But I survived (just). Unfortunately there were no pirouettes in that class so I couldn’t test out the assertion that drinking wouldn’t help with them – not, mind you. that I’m wholly convinced the tiny glass of fizz I’d had six hours and three courses previously would have made much difference. Anyway, that’s by the by and not really the point of this post – I was merely on an anecdotal tangent as is oft my wont.

Over the summer I accidentally got promoted at work (long story, very dull) but in the immediate aftermath of this I brought ‘brownie buns’ (boring story involving a tragic lack of greaseproof paper in my kitchen) into the office to have at tea break time and declared I was ‘asserting my authority via the medium of cake’. Seriously, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get some respect around here… So as I had a couple of days off after I got back from Paree I thought I’d have a baking day and take the spoils in to work in lieu of writing Christmas cards (frankly I’d far rather make pastry any day than sit and write Christmas cards, surely that’s not just me?). I baked for about four hours solid, realised my kitchen is poorly designed to deal with the quantity of baking I was doing and lived in mortal fear of putting my foot in a mince pie running up the stairs to the loo…

The spoils resulted in being: Christmas cake muffins (whip up a fruit cake mix and put it in muffin cases rather than one giant cake, cunning), apple & cinnamon muffins, gingerbread stars, mince pies and a couple of stray jam tarts to use up the last of the pastry (yes, okay, I’ve got a bit of an obsession with jam tarts, what of it? :P).

There was probably just the tiniest fraction too much for work so that means my housemate gets me leaving her such lovely notes as this:

Also over the weekend I cooked a roast dinner AND it all came together at the right time. I was properly impressed with myself. Particularly because I have a real thing about meat, and raw meat in particular. But I roasted a whole chicken ALL BY MYSELF. Well I had to get my housemate to carve it but I’d done everything up to that point. Proudest of all though I was of my apple sauce, it was seriously good and just worked to perfection. Usually I don’t put enough water in to stew the apples and it never works quite right but this was nomnomnom… There’s still a wee bit left so I’ve stuck it in the freezer and at some juncture am going to make myself a tiny crumble. Mmmmmm.

Oh yes, remember in my last post I said go and get the Puppini Sisters in your ears? Well, whilst I’m doing a ‘show and tell’ I’m just going to kind of force them on your ears. This number is brilliant, largely because of Queen Mullins’ imaginary trumpet, but mostly because it just highlights how awesomely talented these ladies are (Steph and Marcella are doing a sterling job in making the ukelele sexy):

You know what, you should totally also checkout Marcella and the Forget-me-nots. So yeah that’s Marcella Puppini of Puppini Sisters fame in her ‘other’ band but they’re equally awesome. This song is probably my second favourite of theirs (YouTube seems to be sadly lacking in ‘Born Beautiful’ though):



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8 responses to “…to try new ambitions and learn new friends’ names/authority via the medium of cake

  1. aitchemelle

    mmm cakey.

  2. If you weren’t across the pond I would totally volunteer to help you with the jam tarts. I need to ask my mom to make some for Christmas. Yums!

    • Damn that pond!

      I think jam tarts are my new cake mix… when I was at uni I’d always make too much cake mixture because as soon as I started I’d have housemates at my shoulder going ‘OOH ARE YOU MAKING CAKE? MIX OMNOM’. Now I don’t have a million housemates I’ve refined the cake mix to what I need but always make too much pastry which means that I *have* to make jam tarts. Oooooh.

  3. If I ever get to wherever you’re living, I’ll be banging on you door until you let me in! Just seat me on that staircase, and you’ve got one happy camper 🙂

    Thanks for such a yummy and inspiring post. Think I might dust off my baking tins this weekend..

  4. Oooo! You love dance, you love to bake, and you randomly throw French into your sentences. Je pense que je peux aimer ça! On peut devenir les amies “bloggy!” 🙂

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