…if you wanna hear that Swanee river played in ragtime/ballet, baking, knitting and general stuff

Other things I learned in class this week: if I take my glasses off those double pirouettes en dehors aren’t all that elusive after all. We were doing something (I forget what exactly) and double pirouettes were suddenly the order of the day even if it was just trying. So I was going round (to the right) and realised if I took my glasses off I’d probably be doing better (they’re a little loose and I was in fear of them flying off). So I did and, waddya know, that double en dehors to the right was back. We’ll ignore the fact that I keep forgetting to spot that second turn to the left and get lost going round. Don’t mock… okay, mock. I don’t care.

In other news, I am thoroughly lurgified still. I mean properly so. I was almost cured then a couple of days ago the cough started and it is deeply displeasing. Breathing hurts, coughing hurts, moving hurts and I feel like I’ve been punched in the head my sinuses are so sore. This is rubbish. It’s a cold, for goodness’ sake.

So, what better way to take my mind off things than head to the kitchen? Friday night I made shortbread with the small people which was excellent and I went home liberally coated in the mixture (as did they but then, as I oft say, if you’re not making a giant mess it’s not really baking. Tidy bakers, I do not understand you). Then yesterday my very, very bestest in all the world came over for the afternoon to dance attendance on my sick bed. Feeling thoroughly grotty, I turned to my culinary guru Delia Smith for guidance and made tomato soup and chocolate mousse for lunch.

Tomato soup, a trusty bagot and beurre. Omnomnom.

Chocolate mousse. Serious nom.

I was going to blog about my latest yarny adventures but then remembered they’ve all been for other people and so I probably shouldn’t until after the recipient has them. Rest assured, though, les pointy sticks and I have been kept happily busy (although cardigan progress stalled at ten rows but I’ll get back to it soonish).

Ooh, reality TV. Wasn’t the Strictly semi-final last night awesome? Specifically I mean Jason&Kristina’s Argentine Tango but the entire show itself in the altogether. Totally overshadowed the X Factor final which I whingily swore my way through on Twitter as it was diabolically boring and made me want to weep tears of blood. Or something.

And on that note, I’m off to do my Christmas shopping. Wish me luck, bah humbug. Or something.


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