…brightly shone the moon that night/clickety click went the pointy sticks

I haven’t blogged about knitting for a while – I seem to have been taken over by this random urge to show you ALL OF THE CAKE I BAKE. In case, after my last post, you’re still labouring under the misimpression that I’m the next Delia Smith – you can’t currently breathe in our kitchen the volume of smoke I created making lunch. As far as lunches go, it wasn’t even that exciting and certainly not worthy of driving me from the kitchen to eat. On the plus side I did get to watch Neighbours with my lunch for the first time in years – there was even a Karl Kennedy moment! I tell you, briefly it was just like being back at university…

Back to the knitting though: we had our Sekrit Santa at work this week. The problem is, when you’re a knitter people tend to guess that you’re their Santa…   




These started life as a pale green beaded lace shawl. Yeah, really don’t look like that now… The pattern and I didn’t get on, let’s put it that way and leave it at that. This was a much better idea, I can knit gloves without a pattern. Well, I like to think I can. Shall I share the tale of my sorry stupidity? You know you want me to… I know, I know that to start a right thumb it’s two stitches in and to start a left thumb it’s two from the left. Have I knitted dozens of pairs of gloves? Yes. Have I only started to have a mental block on this in the last few months? Yes. Have I knitted three pairs of right gloves now this winter? Yes. Oh self! Will i point out any mistakes if anyone asks? Hell yeah! I don’t want people thinking I’m more amazing than I actually am… 😉


I finished my blanket a while ago but I realised the other day I’d not taken any photos of it. So I’ve remedied that. I love knitting blankets, I tend to usually have one on the go because they’re just nice, pretty, mindless knitting – and they’re very good at using up leftover bits of yarn, yarn you’re not sure what to do with, yarn you wouldn’t knit an entire thing with but the odd square is okay. My current blanket method is 30 stitches by 30 rows on 4mm needles, I knit six of these 30×30 not-quite-squares in a strip and then sew them all together. But don’t you hate sewing, I hear you all cry. I sure do, but you cannot knit an entire blanket in one piece. Well you could but it would be huge and heavy and a little unwieldy.





There are strips of random lace, cables, rib and colourwork stitches. And the thing I like about these kinds of blankets is that there’s something to say about every single square. Each bit of yarn I’ve used on this has a story, something that it went into before the leftovers went into my blanket. I’m just going to share some of my favourite squares, it’s easier:













I love knitting blankets. I love the effect of everything all together. I love the fact that I don’t have to think to knit them. I just… knit. And I don’t have to worry about which side the thumb goes on and that, mes pals, is toujours a bonus.


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