…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!/reality suspended

Apparently it is snowing back in Rural Derbyshire. Once upon a time this would have been a proclamation to fill me with glee in the highly unlikely event we’d get a day off school from it. After last year however, I’d just rather the snow held off until after I get up there for the festive season. Yeah, I know – selfish of me to want to try and control the weather. If King Canute couldn’t control the tide then I have even less chance of being in charge of the weather. In fairness, last year’s snow did mean that I got to wake up to such sights as this out of the window every morning:

Snowy Rural Derbyshire from my window. Yes, it occasionally inspires me to 'Sound of Music' moments 😉

On the other hand, last year the weather caused days of worry watching trains get cancelled and revised/emergency timetables thrown into place along with confusing guidance given out about ticket reservations. In the end I made sense of this, worked out I could get on whatever train happened to be going in the right direction so I did. It involved a beautiful sprint across the concourse of Euston station laden down by my rucksack with the train guard cheering me on as I flew down the ramp on to the platform and kind of collapsed on to the train about thirty seconds before departure. I made it as far as standard class then – jelly legged – gave up and sat down in the vestibule much to the consternation of the ticket inspector who kept coming round to make sure I didn’t want to go and find a seat…

Snow, however, gives me the excuse to post the above video. Let’s face it, what’s the festive season without the Nutcracker? I know there’s mixed views on the Nutcracker and its utility, I’m not going to get into that because I have no fixed opinion. I like the Nutcracker but, maybe weirdly, I like it after Christmas as something to combat the post-Christmas slump. This year, I’m going on New Year’s Eve to the Royal Ballet’s. Call me biased but it’s my ‘pet’ Nutcracker, my first full Nutcracker, the one I keep going back to and back to. It’s comforting, like a good cosy jumper to pull on and snuggle in. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but you can’t leave without a smile on your face. And, oh, that glorious Tchaikovsky score that soars and carries you up, up and away to some magical far off land. It’s escapism, that’s what it is.

We all need that from time to time – a suspension from reality.



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2 responses to “…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!/reality suspended

  1. we are hoping for snow over here (it never snows hard enough to cause any real problems. we aren’t far enough north) and snowflake waltz is my favorite dance from the nutcracker. : ) i love snow.

    P.S. NYCB is my comfort nutcracker, the first one I ever watched. : ) Because of that, to me, it’s the best! I can’t watch another nutcracker without thinking, “Well, NYCB does it this way!” : )

    • My parents live pretty much on the snow line – go a few miles down the road and what they get isn’t worth talking about. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be getting my white Christmas this year, the forecast is mostly for rain and it being slightly too warm to snow. I love living in London, but I miss ‘proper snow’ inches deep outside the back door and taking the sledge off up a hill…

      Having a ‘pet’ Nutcracker is lovely, isn’t it? I’ve seen a few others but I always wind up sighing and going ‘oh but I like the Royal’s’ 🙂

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