…the green, green grass of home/tomorrow

“What are you thinking about?” “Tomorrow.”

My tomorrow is perhaps not as significant as President Bartlet’s tomorrow, after all I am not handing over the Presidency of the USA after two terms I am merely taking the train a couple of hours north for the festive season. But the sentiment holds.

It’s been a funny few months. A funny old year really, I guess. I’ve grown a lot, learned a lot, changed somewhat too maybe. So I’m looking forward to just over a week away from everything, to commune with my hills, to be with my family and my oldest friends, to be cuddled and loved, to laugh and talk, to do some looking after and be looked after, redress the balance and my sense of perspective.

I’m looking forward most of all to tomorrow night, to sitting on my windowsill with the window flung wide open so I can look out at the night, watch the stars and listen to the silence.

Anyway, I’ll be back in the New Year to regale you all with my tales of culinary woe and success, yarny adventures with my pointy sticks, OMG!!!ELEVENTYONE!!!SQUEE!!! ballet reviews and how I deal with my self imposed January ballet ban then my meltdown as I get back into it all… betcha can’t wait! So it leaves me to let the Puppini Sisters sing you out acapella before I get carried away with blethering on:

Happy holidays, lovely readers!





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3 responses to “…the green, green grass of home/tomorrow

  1. hannah

    Hope you have a wonderful recharge of the brain and body and definitely enjoy being looked after x

  2. Liz

    I hope you have a fabulous time. Enjoy the stars and the silence x

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