Things I have learned so far this year…

1. If you go to a fancy dress party as a ballerina, it is advisable not to decide it is too much like hard work to chuck your dress back on at the end of the night and go home in your practice skirt as, owing to a combination of rucksack and coat, you will wind up catching a train looking like you’ve forgotten to put your skirt on.

2. Related to one, don’t walk between pubs in your pointe shoes. They are not outdoor footwear. (Fortunately they’re not damaged but if I do go back to pointe I think I need new shoes anyway, the Grishkos just don’t feet quite right.)

3. Prancing around the pub in your pointe shoes will result in you accidentally challenging a random bloke to a ballet off. Oops.

4. Ballet break = getting home by 7pm = being able to really work on turning my cooking relationship into a love-love one. So far this week I’ve made (for dinner) Delia Smith’s trout fillet in lettuce with Thai stuffing, butchered one of Delia’s chicken skewer recipes and Gary Fook’s Chinese sea bass.

5. Kathryn @ LondonBakes’ Allegedly Healthy Cookies are incredibly scrummy. However, what neither she nor Gwyneth Paltrow tells you about agave syrup is that it smells funny but you should all go and make them instantly nonetheless. I’m impressed I still have some in the box left to be quite honest…

Whole wheat oatmeal, raisin and chocolate chip cookies à la LondonBakes. Yumyumyum.

6. Working on my love-love affair with cooking will lead to a compulsory serious reorganisation of your kitchen cupboard because there’s too much to go in it all of a sudden… if anyone can explain quite why I need about six varieties of sugar, I’d be incredibly grateful 😉







7. Things you should not watch when rampantly hormonal: the last two episodes of West Wing. I sobbed my heart out for the entire last episode, perfect show is perfect. Also you shouldn’t go and watch the Railway Children at the theatre. Housemate and I went to see it at Waterloo station last night and it was rrrrrrrrrrrrreally good, so cleverly adapted. I managed to avoid full on sobbing at ‘daddy, my daddy’ but it was a close call…

8. Basil Rathbone is the definitive Sherlock Holmes. I’ve finally managed to persuade my mother to lend me her box set (on the promise that I return it when I’m next up next month… heh) which means I can curl up of an evening and watch them. Just don’t ask me to pick a favourite: I’m constantly torn between Hound of the Baskervilles, Voice of Terror and the Scarlet Claw.

Staying in for January

9. DANCING ON ICE IS BACK ON TONIGHT, PEOPLE! And, even more importantly than that, SO IS WILD AT HEART! As I’ve oft said, Dancing on Ice is just something to pass the time until Wild at Heart… the only thing WAH doesn’t have over DOI is my future husband Robin Cousins, my future wife Katarina Witt, object of my affections Karen Barber, the oh-so-easy to mock (because I love) Christopher Dean or my lifestyle guru Jayne Torvill. Hmm. Still, Sunday night televisual viewing is sorted for WEEKS now and, consider yourselves forewarned, that DOI will be preoccupying my thoughts for the next few months – I never intend to get so emotionally involved and yet I always do.

They're back, been let out of their ice cages and defrosted for another series... 😉



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6 responses to “Things I have learned so far this year…

  1. aitchemelle

    I’m impressed with the cooking! Frankly anything is an improvement on your continual diet of toast! And I think I have 5 types of sugar, maybe 6: icing, caster, granulated, golden granulated and soft brown off the top of my head!

    • Oh hushhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I haven’t had ANY toast so far this year! I had bagels at work this week because my Delia soup had a solitary point per serving in it and toasted them but they are not toast and thus don’t count.

  2. Liz

    Please come and cook dinner for me.

  3. katherinea

    6 varieties of sugar seem fair enough to me.
    Golden Granulated
    Royal Icing
    Soft brown
    See, that’s 7. Perfectly reasonable although we only need the granulated thanks to sugar-in-tea boyfriend.

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