Life beyond the barre: redux (feat. cake)

Children are quite remarkable creatures really. I’m lucky to have several who feature in my life that I am rather fond of and who bring a refreshingly honest and simpler perspective to life. Today I was at a friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday party as an extra pair of useful (I use the term lightly, generally I’m more useful if I’m allowed to stay in a corner out of the way) hands – putting things in dishes, occasionally distracting children etc. For those of you paying attention, it was at said birthday girl’s younger brother’s first birthday party last September that I realised – although I wasn’t quite ready to accept – that my life beyond the barre needed addressing.

This time last year I’d just upped my class levels from two to five a week coupled with dieting like a crazy to get back to my pre-university weight. It seemed like a good idea at the time, with hindsight it really wasn’t for various reasons. To be honest, I’m not sure what I look back on last year as – a crazy whim maybe? I don’t think I see it as a mistake but part of me wishes I’d kept ballet merely as a hobby and not gotten so serious about it. Anyway, hindsight’s a lovely gift but Janus has two faces so it’s time to consider his one that’s looking forward to this year. I’ve decided what I want from ballet as and when I go back to it, I’m just not wholly sure I’ll find it in the metrop but we’ll see.

Back to birthday parties… I arrived chez friend quite late last night, gently swaying with tired and sort of stood around being generally quite useless for a bit before being pressed into making sausage rolls. Ready to roll puff pastry, sausage meat (which provoked a lot of hilarity trying to get it out of the packet) and an egg-and-milk mix to seal make for jolly simple sausage rolls which were also incredibly nommy (as witnessed by the one year old shoving an entire one in his face in the way that only a child of that age can get away with). Somehow I then found myself in charge of sprinkles… MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA *ahem* …and then having the bowl of buttercream icing removed from my reach to save me from myself. Putting yourself on a sugar high at midnight is never a good plan, the crashing come down headache half an hour later was not one of my finer moments :\

Catering a child’s birthday party is an exercise in military precision, the most oft cry as you’re preparing it all being ‘do you think we’ve got enough?’. Ahh the fear that your guests will go hungry… there was more than enough to go round and plenty of leftovers.





Sausage rolls, fairy cakes (sprinkles by yours truly) and the vee scrummy condensed milk jelly thing.

Of course, me being me, I came away from the party injured. Cautionary tale folks: attitude pirouettes in socks on a slippy floor or a badbadbad plan. I misjudged the second turn and did something incredibly painful to my little toe when it tried to go under my foot and come out the other side. Hopefully it’s just bruised but suddenly it feels kind of useful not having to worry if it’s going to be up to class tomorrow 😉


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