31 days without ballet/what to do with a bag of pearl barley…

The year is already a month old, tempus fugit and all the jazz. My desk continues to resemble to aftermath of a small paper explosion (it was tidy, briefly, for about five minutes before Christmas), my hair still has a mind of its own, I eat breakfast whilst reading a dog eared copy of Good Food rather than the Dance Direct catalogue and I haven’t yet been to a ballet class this year, which was my intention for January.

I’d thought a month’s break would be enough. I’m not wholly sure just yet. I miss dancing, of course, and it’s rarely far from the forefront of my mind but I think, in some ways (and without meaning to be melodramatic) the separation is probably still too raw to be thinking about going back just yet. So I’ve decided I’m going to leave it for February as well and reconsider at the end of the month. A little more separation and distance can’t hurt really. I know that, mentally, I’m just not ready to dance again yet (despite what my clicky, crunchy joints and stiffening muscles and tendons are screaming at me – I should probably start stretching if nothing else, blah).

What I do need to do though if I’m not starting again just yet is throw some actual exercise back into my routine. This is utterly where I’ve fallen down in January. I walk about five or six miles on an average work day but I’m not doing anything else and I’m starting to lose (scratch that, have pretty much lost) the tone that I’d built up from dancing. My thighs in particular are in a distressing state (okay, maybe I’ve sloped into melodrama with that statement) and I’m certainly not doing anything to keep any sort of muscle sustenance with my arms. Ho hum, that shall be my aim for February to avoid watching my evenings get sucked away doing nothing. Not least because I certainly do feel a lot more sore, joints feel stiffer, my knees are definitely creaking more and my feet are tight.

On the other hand, my relationship with my kitchen is doing quite nicely thank you very much for asking. I had success with rice on Sunday night which was a first (I tend to cheat and use boil in the bag because I am the biggest failure at cooking rice) and did not utterly destroy any pans cooking the lemon prawn and chorizo rice pot. I also made Good Food’s tuna pasta bake for lunches this week but have discovered it’s… lacking something. I left the sweetcorn out (what with the bit where it is evil) but that’s made the dish a little too ‘pea heavy’ and I like a good pea but they can get a bit boring after a while. For future reference, I’ll probably substitute the sweetcorn for mushrooms. Keeping it in the fridge means, however that it’s looking a little like some kind of weird crustless quiche. It looks better once you’ve shoved it in the old micro-onde for a few minutes to heat up!

Success with rice, finally!

Tuna pasta bake, currently more resembling some weird tortilla or quiche-esque affair

Mind you, the relationship with the kitchen went rapidly downhill last night when I opened the cupboard to raid for baking equipment and was brained by my pot of baking powder which then liberally coated both me and the kitchen. That was a pest to clean up. In the grand scheme of things, it’s much easier when it’s the vanilla essence attempting to put a stop to my existence (now there’s something I never thought I’d see myself type). On the plus, I made those allegedly healthy cookies by LondonBakes again after my near death experience and they are scrum (although I burnt the raisins a little having a quiet tizzarama over Torvill&Dean’s routine on Dancing on Ice Sunday past…)


I do, however, have half a bag of pearl barley to use up that I am not sure what to do with. Answers on a postcard please.



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4 responses to “31 days without ballet/what to do with a bag of pearl barley…

  1. katherinea

    Pearl Barley Risotto? Not that I’ve ever made it. TLL were talking about it.
    Barley Water? Maybe not.
    Add to brothy soups.

  2. The only reasonable thing to do with pearl barley is to get your Brownies to make musical instruments with it.

    Ditto for quinoa…

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