Cardigan update – progress finally!

I have a million and twelve things I want to blog about – cupcakes, books, TV adaptations of favourite literary detectives (current crush = Albert Campion), shopping, my amazing new dressing gown etc – but I’m lacking in a few things to settle down and write a proper post. I’ve been earth shatteringly exhausted for the last week or so for no apparent reason (I suspect mild anaemia again, bleh) and curling up in bed by half nine/ten and my ability to concentrate and focus has gone utterly west. Anyway, in the interim I’ve decided to set myself a deadline for finishing that dratted Fair Isle cardigan I’ve been wittering on about for months and I need to have it finished by the Puppini’s gig on 20 April. In a bid to chivvy along my interest in it, I sewed up the half I’ve already done over the weekend and it looks amazing. Don’t take my word for it, have some photos:






I’ve got a sleeve, half a front and the button band to do then it’s finished. It’s turned from something I was desperate for into a real full on labour of love. I blame the dratted cable cuff, boring though 2×2 rib is, it’s a lot less faff… oh well! Pretty!


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