Of dessert, cake and cardigans.

I am firmly of the opinion that everyone needs that one friend that they can share dessert with. I have been out with my Dessert Sharing Friend this evening and now am approximately 70% dim sum and 30% dessert and I got left to finish the dessert because Dessert Sharing Friend had the lame excuse of growing a baby in her tummy (which I am (a) super-duper excited about and (b) plotting knitting for). Talking of dessert, I made a vague pretence at being a grown up over the weekend and had some friends over for afternoon tea which was basically just an excuse for (a) me to spend QT with my kitchen, (b) sparkling wine and (c) these super amazing Phish Food Brownies.





Back to the subject of knitting though (see tenuous link above to baby knitting), we all remember the ongoing saga of my grey Fair Isle cardigan, right? The one that started out as a pale grey warm up cardigan for ballet (which is kind of a redundant concept at the moment) and then went through several variations on a theme? Good, nice to know you’re keeping up. Yeah, that cardigan: I FINISHED IT well ahead of schedule. Dessert Sharing Friend was disappointed it wasn’t getting an outing tonight (I haven’t washed it yet, that’s why) and my mother commented on the phone last night that I really must have had not a lot to do socialising-wise last week since I’d managed to knit half a cardigan in just under a week… ho hum. I find this is often the case with knitting projects: they spend vastly more time under my bed ‘thinking about what they’ve done’ than I actually do knitting them. If I could just settle down and crack on things would get completed so much more quickly. Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk and all that palaver, I’ve got a lovely bunch of cocountscardigan.













The cardigan pattern itself is a variation on a theme of Glenna C’s Basic Black. I switched the 2×2 ribbing for a 4×2 C4F rib and added the snowflake band ten rows up from the end of the ribbing – if you look at the chart picture close enough you should be able to see my markings for where all the increases/decreases come in for the various component parts. I’ve also done a garter stitch button band rather than a 2×2 rib and it’s only got the one button because I very rarely bother to wear my cardigans buttoned up. The snowflake design itself is my own, a doodle variation on a theme of a dozen existing snowflake patterns. I confess I haven’t actually woven in all the ends, I’ve knotted some together and I need to ‘wilt’ them with a match to stop them unravelling.

The whole thing is knitted in Sirdar Snuggly which is an acrylic yarn but it’s one of the nicer feeling ones (as opposed to the vile cardboardy stuff you often get). It also has the bonuses of (a) being able to go into the washing machine and (b) not making me want to rip all my skin off wearing it. Small victories and all that jazz, amigos. Now I need to crack on and do some baby knitting…



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2 responses to “Of dessert, cake and cardigans.

  1. Thanks for the mention…so glad you liked the brownies! 🙂

    • They were properly amazing! And my first successful brownies that weren’t still uber-gooey in the middle and cake-y round the edges 🙂

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