March Photo A Day

So, FatMumSlim’s March Photo a Day ended yesterday. I’ve been managing to remember to upload my pictures daily on to Twitter this time, which is just as well considering when I renamed the first few days’ files my Crackberry decided to delete them all (worra fail). What I’ve found has helped this month has been having a list of the prompts in my notebook that I carry around, that way I can check it first thing (mostly just in case the prompt is ‘breakfast’, lol) and have time to think about it. That’s the theory anyway! The April challenge kicks off today, so let’s see where this one takes me…

1. Up

2. Fruit

3. Neighbourhood

4. bedside

5. smile/6. 5pm/7. something you wore

8. window/10. loud/9. red

12. fork/13. sign/14. cloud

15. car/18. a corner of your home/19. funny

15. green






20. before and after/21. delicious/22. kitchen sink





23. moon/24. animal (it was a chicken when alive)/25. breakfast





26. key/27. your name (one of them anyway is on  there)/28. trash





29. feet/30. toy/31. where you relax


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One response to “March Photo A Day

  1. I have the prompts on a post it note for the same reason – that way as well the other people who live in my house (and who are younger than me with fresher brains) quite often read the prompt and come up with a brilliant idea I hadn’t even thought of!

    I love your photos.

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