April Photo A Day

Another month, another photo a day challenge so it’s time for the end of month round up – this morning’s prompt was surprisingly easy to deal with. Something that makes you sad? Waking up to blue skies and sunshine for the first time in WEEKS and realising you have to spend the entire day stuck indoors *woeface*

I have about a million things I need to blog about (as usual) – cake, knitting, ballet, life in general – but my attention span is largely wavering on sitting down and concentrating for any period of time. Ho hum. Anyway, as a cracking antidote to that posting a million pictures is perfect. Okay, not a million, thirty. And I’ll post about cake later in the week when I’ve made my birthday offerings for the office…

2. colour/3. mail/4. someone who makes you happy [representative]


5. tiny/6. lunch/7. shadow (no sun, had to get creative)


8. inside your wallet/9. younger you/10. cold (feet! Accursed rain!)


11. where you ate breakfast/12. stairs/13. something you found (but not the pot of gold at the end *sadface*)


14. how you feel [zzzz]/15. sunset/16. flower [admire my urn!]


17. something you don’t like [so close, yet so far]/18. hair [mid dye]/19. orange


20. something you drew (when I was 16)/21. bottle/22. last thing you bought


23. vegetable/24. something you’re grateful for/25. looking down


26. black and white/28. 1pm/29. circle



30. something that makes you sad 😦



Notes: 1 April appears to have vanished off my crackberry and I really can’t be bothered to go and trawl through Lockerz to find it and trying to upload 27 keeps crashing my IE. Huh. Oh well. Onwards and Maywards…


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One response to “April Photo A Day

  1. Love the stair photo!! Very cool.

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