You will always find me in the kitchen at parties*

*Lie, I am more likely to be found hogging a comfortable corner of a sofa. Unless the party is in my own house then I am likely to be found in the kitchen.

I’ve just uploaded a month’s worth of photos off my camera and realised there were probably half a dozen blog posts associated with them. This says everything about the fact that I am utterly disorganised. Oh well. So I’m just going to upload a selection and do a running commentary of the highlights of the last month of my life. Also I have lousy toothache and am feeling horribly sorry for myself s-oo… yeah. Shh.

Easter weekend was yummy: we visited Dr Johnson’s house and some pretty corners of London then found the Lindt Easter Egg hunt and got free chocolate, which nobody can complain about.










Then there was afternoon tea on Easter Monday, which involved getting to wear my favourite dress (even though it is liberally coated in Cosmopolitan in some places, oops) and eat a lot of cake. Nothing wrong with that, except I had to go on a diet afterwards!





Oooh, then at some point around about then I finished knitting the amazing blanket for my Favourite Auntie which involved a lot of colourwork and is ace. Naturally it was an excuse to take it into the garden and get a bit pretentious with photo angles. I’m taking it home for her next weekend so… we’ll see 🙂





And then we went to Nottingham and drank a selection of interestingly coloured cocktails, nom:

My housemate had a significant birthday so I made cake, Herman the German friendship cake at that. I was given my Herman by a work colleague, I dutifully ‘grew’ him for ten days and then baked him – one half dark chocolate and apple, the other half white chocolate and raspberry. Most of Herman went to work to ‘save us from ourselves’ but whichever way you look at it, cake is always good, right? And finally I got round to cooking with the truffle my Very Best Friend bought us for Christmas: scallops with truffle on a bed of rocket, asparagus and stem broccoli. Can I get a hi-5?





Then I had a birthday (see previous post for Work Birthday Law cake provisions) which was a bit of a non event on the actual day. I celebrated the following day with a vast quantity of cake, junk food, gin and amazing friends. A large proportion of the party was spent in the kitchen because that’s where all the best parties happen (except when I’m not in the kitchen then the best parts are happening around me, obviously). As a result of having a birthday I’ve got a yarn stash, a sweetie stash, some pretty jewellery, new books, other bits and pieces and (most crucially) a milk jug and sugar bowl so I no longer have to have ‘middle class fails’ when having afternoon tea. Spoiled, verily it is me.






Tiny cake, llama shaped snacks and popping candy in gin… how old again?!



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3 responses to “You will always find me in the kitchen at parties*

  1. OMG, llama biscuits? Your wife’s doing?

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