Operation Tidy Room, Tidy Mind: Ballet-tastic Give Away, partie dos

My housemate bought us a new vacuum cleaner this week. I confess I have been somewhat disinterested in this state of affairs beyond a vague acknowledgement that after the old one blew up on me the other week, we really did need a new one. So we have a new one and I’ve just hoovered my room for the first time since we moved in and it’s looked like I’ve actually done so. I swear it’s like some kind of belated Christmas miracle. In honour of this joyous state of affairs, I figured it was time I followed up my last ballet-tastic give away on account of the fact that I finally tackled drawer two of dance wear ages ago and just chucked all the stuff I didn’t want any more in the box of ‘things I need to give to other people’ and promptly forgot about. So this is the not!skirts edition:





Legwarmers, woo! There’s two pairs of 60cm legwarmers in dayglo pink and green – if you’re feet are misbehaving in these, trust me, you’ll know all about it. The other pair in that photo are probably about 55cm, interestingly pooled, hand knits (probably not machine washable sadly). The final pair are thigh high (they fit my 30″ish inside leg quite nicely) in blue, grey and a bit of self patterning Fair Isle and these are machine washable (mostly acrylic with a tiny smidge of wool therein), also made by moi.





Shrugs, also woo! I have no idea what possessed me to knit myself shrugs when there is no better designed garment to highlight my kyphosis, well done me, heh 😉 They’re both short sleeved. The wacky colour striped one is a bamboo yarn and machine washable. The other one is baby llama and not machine washable but it does have awesome poofy sleeves and is super soft.

If you want any of the above, metaphorically wave enthusiastically in comments. And on that note, I’m off to bake scones for work…



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13 responses to “Operation Tidy Room, Tidy Mind: Ballet-tastic Give Away, partie dos

  1. Could I make a claim on the blue/grey Crofter (I’m presuming the yarn was Crofter) legwarmers. I have the pattern queued but my knitting appears to be currently lots of Wols for BP…

    • They are indeed Crofters. Tempted though I am to say to you of all people ‘KNIT YOUR OWN’, FB (or something) me your address and I’ll send them on 🙂

  2. I would love to have the neon green one! It’s like love at first sight :))))

    • They are amazing! Erm, if you want to e-mail me an address at graced1989[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk I’ll get them posted to you 🙂

  3. Wow did you really knit them? I tried to crochet a pair of leg warmers but they are not very good. I love the striped ones, especially the blue ones as in the previous comment, they are so pretty and the orangey stripes are also lovely. I just went back to ballet after 5 years (and my second baby). I’m doing a show in July as the adult ballet in our dancing school show. I am so excited!

    • Yup! I can’t quite, in my mind’s eye, see how they’d work in crochet but most available legwarmers are machine knitted so transferring that over to hand knit is quite easy – plus added bonus of knowing they’ll fit!

      Good luck with the show 🙂

  4. happygrape2

    Please please please please! I would love the legwarmers and socks– I am moving from the desert to the east coast, and need things to keep me warm!

    • The glorious dayglo pink legwarmers and the colourful ones are yours if you want them. E-mail me at grace1989[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk?

  5. lindyb

    My friend and I both knitted legwarmers in celebration of starting ballet again back in February. Which was fine and lovely, until we’d both finished them and realised we had matching maroon bobbly legwarmers while everyone else in the whole class was accessorising black with black and possibly a bit more black. Since then, I’ve also finished a pink (I know you hate pink but ballet! pink! squee!) wraparound cardi for myself to brighten up the rows of black. If no one else has claimed it, I’d love to provide a home for the shrug with purple cuffs….

  6. Jane

    Ooooh, might I claim the colourful shrug, please?

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