May photo a day and other ramblings…

I know, I know, I know all about the benefits of stretching and all that jazz but, let’s face it, when your default setting is pathologically lazy the prospect of doing it at home under your own steam seems like such hard work. So I’ve never really gone in for stretching outside of class – I might occasionally sit in frogs or something whilst I’m watching TV but that’s about it. I do also have the added excuse that with my kyphoscoliosis I’m wary of doing things without supervision because, let’s face it, I’m liable to injure myself without even trying. All this in mind, I decided to purchase myself a copy of Darcey Bussell’s Dance Body Workout because I figured I couldn’t go too far wrong under the guidance of Darcey B, right? Not entirely. I felt the burn a bit doing it (and that was just the warm up and stretch, my house is inconsiderably not designed for floor barre, how rude!), what I noticed 24 hours later when I tried to cambré backwards in class and turn my head was ALL OF THE PAIN IN MY NECK, ALL OF IT, ACTUAL PAIN NOT JUST A METAPHORICAL PAIN IN THE NECK. Bother. Anyway, I’ll persevere with being guided by Darcey B – I guess I just need to work on a way to handle the exercises that involve lying on my back*…

Anyway, all that aside. Another month has drawn to a close (just how?!) and with it the end of another  fabulous Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. To be honest, with my short attention span I thought I’d flounder on this about two weeks in back in February. I’ve always wanted to do a Project 365 type thing but I know I just don’t have the staying power (what a commitment-phobe ;)) but the varied nature of this photo challenge means I haven’t got bored yet, so many of the prompts challenge me to think a little outside of my box, to keep thinking around it. Bring on June, say I…

1. peace/2. skyline/3. something you wore

4. fun/5. bird/6. you

7. someone(s) who inspire you/8. smell you adore/9. something you do every day

10. a favourite word/11. kitchen/12. something that makes you happy

13. mum (we only use ‘marmee’ in writing these days but I started to use it after reading Little Women)/





16. what you’re reading/17. snack/18. something you made

19. a favourite place/20. something you can’t live without/21. where you stand

22. pink/23. technology/24. something new

25. unusual (two seats to myself on a morning commute!)/26. 12 o’clock/27. something sweet

28. weather today/29. number/30. your personality (side note: don’t forget you’ve hung your shoes on the window catch to air overnight!!!)

31. Something beautiful (I don’t care that it’s instant, it’s the only thing that gets me through commuting in the morning knowing I can get into the office and get this down my throat…)

*About a squillion years ago when I was living in France for my degree, my flatmate dragged me along to yoga classes. During the first one as I was struggling to lie on my back and raise my leg to ninety degrees, I found my teacher looming over me and asking if I had trouble with my back. Without thinking I said yes (just in that it hurt sometimes, I didn’t have the kyphoscoliosis diagnosis at that point) and she wandered off, returning a moment later with additional padding to prop my spine and neck in a way that I could lie on the floor and do the exercises without wanting to weep in pain. Sadly I’ve never quite been able to replicate it but I keep persevering…!


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One response to “May photo a day and other ramblings…

  1. “When your default setting is pathologically lazy…” Bwahahaha! I feel ya! I’m pretty much the same when it comes to stretching, honestly. Maybe I just haven’t yet developed enough aches and pains to inspire me. I have nothing against stretching, of course. I enjoy it when I do it, but much like my feelings towards exercise in general… I want someone to guide me through and tell me what to do (hence, part of the reason I love dance!). Stretching for the sake of stretching doesn’t really appeal to me. Sloths unite!

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