June photo a day

Well, another month, another photo a day challenge is over. It means the year is half over as well and I’m not wholly sure this is a concept I can get behind at this stage of the game. Only the fact that the Metrop has been labouring under that horrible sticky, close and unbearable summer heat reminds me that it isn’t still February. On the other hand, in Rural Derbyshire it’s about ten degrees colder and on/off raining. I’m indulging in a few days chez parentals, doing very little beyond suffering with my cold and a spot of knitting. Back to the photos though, June’s been a funny old month – going on holiday always unsettles me a little, that age old question of ‘is that all there is’ when it reminds you that there’s more to life than metro-boulot-(ballet)-dodo. Let’s not dwell on that though, I’m supposed to be relaxing this weekend – I’ve been told in no uncertain terms!





1. morning/2. empty/3. on your plate





4. close up/5. sign/6. hat





7. bottle/8. 6 o’clock/9. your view today





10. best bit of your weekend/11. door/12. from a low angle





13. art/14. time/15. yellow





16. out and about/17. in your bag/18. something we don’t know about you





19. imperfect/20. favourite photo you’ve taken/21. where you slept





22. from a high angle/23. movement/24. on your mind





25. something cute/26. where you shop/27. bathroom





28. on the shelf/29. soft/30. friend



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2 responses to “June photo a day

  1. Impressive! I don’t think I could have done it. Love the pointe shoe star!

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