Totally amoureuse. Totally.

Chères chums, I am in love.

Actually it might just be lust.

Whichever way we look at it, there might be a slight tendency towards drool… NICE.

So, we all know my bestest is pretty awesome, right? Good. This week she’s excelled herself. For reward in light of my bravery and stoicism in the face of TRAUMATIC SURGERY (shut up, bestest, it was) she knitted me a doily and sent it in the post.

Now, getting a knitted doily in the post is pretty awesome. EVEN BETTER is getting a knitted ballet themed doily in the post. This is like everything that is perfect about life in one small envelope!

So, today I was killing time a bit at work (shhhhhhhhhhh) and wound up on the Tiny Knit website. Within about…. ooooh, 0.15 seconds I was totally in love and wanted to knit EVERYTHING on the site. I kid you not. Forget the massive mental list of things I want to knit, Tiny Knit is my new joy of all joys. And I want to knit it all NOW.

I drooled over the patterns for a while, mourned being temporarily impoverished* and then headed over to read the blog. This post sums up the reasoning for the balletic inspiration to all of the patterns. It’s so nice to stumble on someone else’s blog and realise that someone else feels the same way I do about ballet and knitting, that the two can intertwine so beautifully.

I have a sneaking hunch that I can adapt the doily patterns into bun covers so that seems like a perfectly good place to start…


*I exaggerate a little. I am just a little poorer than I expect to be at this point of the month, partly due to dental fees but mostly because our energy providers are EVIL MEANS and I need to ring them up and yell at them tomorrow. Happy times, folks!



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4 responses to “Totally amoureuse. Totally.

  1. I totally clicked over to the link expecting to see a ballet-themed *dolly*… Yes, I probably need to wear my glasses at the computer.

    PS the shrug is brightening up our ballet class and I love it: so soft and gorgeous 🙂

    • o_0 If I didn’t find knitted dolls – okay, dolls in general – slightly creepy (apart from my beloved Lucy my mother knitted me), I would totally be knitting a ballerina one…

      And 🙂 so glad it’s arrived. I had such pure lust for the yarn, all hail the baby llama!

  2. Liz

    I am considering traumatic surgery just in the hops of getting me a beautiful knitted doily.

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