Of comfort zones, cake and tiny person knitting

Summer appears to have finally deigned to put in an appearance in the metrop, although the forecast informs me that it’s liable to end just as the ‘lympics begin. Got to love the British weather really! Sweltering weather always makes dance classes twice as hard: feeling limp and generally quite weak before class even starts, at least in winter you get to warm up… That said over the last week or so it’s not just been the weather pushing me out of my comfort zone but dance classes too: being pulled out to front and centre, repeating travelling exercises, fiendish-devilish barre stretches and, in tap, being the only one learning double time steps! But it’s all been good for me and that feeling of ‘I can’ is starting to creep back in around the edges – although fiendish-devilish-about-to-cry-in-pain barre stretches do make me wonder… But that’s by the by, being back at the barre and stomping about in my tap shoes is awesome.

That’s ‘pointe two’ dealt with, on to ‘knit two’. I seem to have entered that stage of my life where everyone I know is having babies, which is all well, good and jolly exciting (although I maintain it really isn’t possible to grow a baby in your tummy – it just seems preposterous). It’s also a perfectly reasonable excuse for me to go (a) yarn shopping and (b) pattern browsing. On holiday in Norfolk I stumbled upon a little knitting shop in Norwich and accidentally walked in leaving my friends to go and peruse other emporia. And I fell in love with a book of Sirdar baby knitting patterns, luckily my lovely Dessert Sharing Friend is expecting a small human of the girl variety and my Best Friend In All The World is expecting a small human of the boy variety so there’s going to be a lot of mileage in the book. Anyway, now I’ve seen Dessert Sharing Friend you can see what I’ve been creating for her small-human-to-be. Okay, so I said I would not never ever knit bootees BUT… well, I also said I’d never wear pink tights for ballet. I say a lot of things but sometimes you just have to fight the fear and do it anyway.










And that brings me nicely on to ‘bake two together’ (did you see what I did there? \o/). My place of employment is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with cake? Two of my colleagues organised a bake off and, apparently, my entry was requisite. Well who was I to argue with such a demand? I went away and thought about it, a lot, sought advice from my chums, wailed a lot about how I didn’t think I could bake to the theme and then figured I’d probably be fine. I decided to go for quantity not quality (;)) and baked fifty things in five batches of ten. LET US NEVER SPEAK OF THE FLAPJACK DISASTER EVER (but the shortbread I made instead was awesome). I wasn’t so wild about my brownies either (my colleagues begged to differ), I seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with baking those in that I can never get the middle to cook quite right and I find myself left with a huge heap of goo. The gingerbread was probably the best I’ve made, the jam tarts were a stroll in the park and my housemate thinks my cupcakes were right up there with my better efforts (and she particularly liked the icing). On the subject of cupcakes, I don’t think I’m to be trusted with gold icing spray, by the time I’d finished both I and the kitchen were liberally coated in it…



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2 responses to “Of comfort zones, cake and tiny person knitting

  1. katherinea

    I trust the cakestands have lived to fight another day?
    Still say the shoes are so cute. Helen would like some shoes, you know. But first you can knit me my dress.

    • The cake stands are still in perfect condition, well the Jubilee ones are – the one I picked up in the pound shop didn’t really stand up to the commute.

      The shoes are adorbz! I must knit more, now! And no, to both of you. I have my own dress to knit, plus things for teeny tiny people, you and Helen are nowhere near my priority list 😛

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