Award time!

So about a hundred years ago, give or take approximately five minutes, my wonderful bestest nominated me for an award but because I was in the throes of the Toothache Of Doom (TM) I meant to do something about it and then didn’t because… well, because I got sidetracked. Shhhhhh 😉

So I got me this:

And to keep me this, I have to nominate five people for it and tell you seven things about myself. Hang on, only seven? When I’m *this* egocentric? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhkay.

1. One of my work colleagues asked if my hobbies had changed since I was five. I thought about this briefly and concluded, no, they hadn’t, not really. I don’t do gymnastics anymore but I still do ballet and tap.

2. I have an irrational fear of crochet hooks but my lovely Dessert Sharing Friend is going to help me get over this.

3. I have a cracking bruise on my left foot because I landed a petite sissone-assemblé combination on it. It is incredibly painful. And this from the girl who routinely lands petit allegro by standing on her own feet…

4. I read French and Spanish at university. I was so traumatised from enforced reading of Manon Lescaut and Don Quixote that I can’t bring myself to go and watch the ballet versions.

5. I used to be vegetarian (this was stamped out of me after a year of living in la belle France), now I describe myself as picky. If it looks like an animal, I’m not eating it.

6. I have the musicality of a dead duck. I can’t smile when I’m dancing because I’m too busy counting the beats: if I stop concentrating on the counts I turn into a mass of flailing limbs (which isn’t attractive).

7. In an ideal world I’d like to lose about another half stone but I like cake too much. And gin. And wine. And pizza. And chocolate. And fruity cocktails with umbrellas.

And five people who I think are pretty awesome so I’m going to nominate them for an award:

  1. Pointe ’til you drop
  2. Adult Beginner
  3. Bead 109
  4. Serendipturas
  5. London Bakes

You know what, I’m gonna bend the rules slightly because there’s someone I want to add who doesn’t strictly fit into the ‘sisterhood’ category but is incredibly awesome and has imaginary ovaries so therefore deserves the award in an honorary capacity: Dave Tries Ballet.



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2 responses to “Award time!

  1. Thank you kindly Nellie. The award will have pride of place on my mantelpiece.

  2. Hi Nellie! How did I miss this? Thank you so much for nominating me, I think you’re awesome too! 🙂

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