July photo a day

Somehow it appears that another month has flashed by when I wasn’t really paying attention. The Olympics, which seemed a forever ago when the bid was successful just after I graduated in 2005, have rolled into town. Our beloved mayor, BoJo, bellows at us periodically on buses, at stations, in the tube to ‘get ahead of the games’ and plan our travel carefully. I haven’t altered my commute in the slightest – if anything, my morning train is quieter than usual. Once in town it’s a different story. Not that it matters, the Olympics are here, in this city I’ve come to call home and it’s a once in a lifetime, utterly exciting experience. Bestest and I are off to the archery on Friday (I’m quietly amused that my first trip to Lords is not for the cricket though) and I can’t wait. Even the weather forecast for Friday has perked up…

On that note, with another month over, it’s been another thirty one days of FatMumSlim’s photo a day challenge. I’ve got all my days in but I’ve been a little slack in doing anything with them (mostly because I changed my Twitter thingy on my crackberry and uploading pictures involved a few more clicks and, well, I’m pathologically lazy). Anyway, photos:





1. self portrait/2. busy/3. best bit of your day





4.. fun/5. on the floor/6. chair





7. garden/8. lunch/9. big





10. favourite colour/11. letter/12. texture





13. open/14. building/15. finger





16. sign/17. your obsession/18. plate





19. animal-pet-insect/20. eye/21. 9 o’clock





22. upside down/23. mirror/24. stranger





25. heart/26. sunshine/27. on the road





28. cup/29. last thing you bought/30. calm

31. toothbrush


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