Chocolate rainbow cake and chilling out

Since my last post was quite definitely written in a haze of self pitying misery and woe, I figured this one really ought to be the polar opposite and, frankly, what is more cheering than cake? So this will be a post about cake.

I’ve just got back from ten days in Rural Derbyshire which has been a much needed respite from the world in general. I didn’t get a decent stomp in as the weather mostly conspired against me but on the plus side I did have a lot of familial obligations which meant oodles of time with my nephewits. Little Nephew renamed me ‘Auntie Boo’ at one point which has nothing to do with Bunheads and everything to do with the fact that I spend a lot of time hiding behind things, jumping out at him and yelling ‘boo’. I’m a good auntie like that.





Shortly before my sojourn to the frozen wilds of Rural Derbyshire, my little brother had the nerve to have yet another birthday – something I am never going to wholly approve of. Anyway, we all know that birthdays mean cake, right? Good. Since there was going to be a small birthday related familial gathering, my mother suggested cake and somehow I wound up volunteering to make it. With my mother as my apprentice in some kind of weird role reversal situation… Have a family recipe!

Chocolate Rainbow Cake

  1. Take 8oz caster sugar and 8oz butter. Have debate with mother over how to work the scales, drive mother to despair because I cannot work her new fangled hi-tech scales.
  2. Cream butter and sugar, admire handiwork. Beat in 4 eggs, one at a time.
  3. Be interrupted by mother declaring ‘your granny would be spinning in her grave! Put the flour in now!’.
  4. Roll eyes, add in 80z self raising flour.
  5. Be asked how much baking powder you want in. Without thinking reply ‘just under a level teaspoon’, think something is vaguely wrong as your mother chucks in a well heaped teaspoon.
  6. Stand well back as your apprentice (mother) approaches with a quarter cup of hot chocolate and bowl of melted dark chocolate to add. Obligingly mix in.
  7. Pour cake mixture into tin premixed by your apprentice and put in the oven for something over an hour whilst it rises impressively. Transfer to wire cooling rack, continue to be impressed by rising, leave for a while to watch Terrible Man Film on Movies 4 Men (available on FreeSat only!).
  8. Return to admire cake some more and muse aloud ‘I think I ought to make a rainbow cake, you know, like when we were kids’. Hear despairing wail from mother of ‘oh no, does this mean I have to spend forever sorting Smarties into colours?’. Conclude Little Brother is big enough to get over not having his Smarties sorted by colour and accept proffered glass of wine. Forget about cake overnight.
  9. Arise the following morning and decide the best idea you’ve ever had is to trek the mile and something down to Tesco to buy Smarties and chocolate buttons, regretting it every step of the way on the trek back up the hill as the air is close and oppressive. Wish for storm.
  10. Cut top off cake. Cut remaining cake in half and use the last bit of jam in the jar to stick halves together. Melt bar and a bit of dark chocolate and smother cake liberally. Place Smarties and buttons in alternate rows over cake and admire handiwork. Top with candles, insisting that Little Brother NEEDS a pink one because, well he does.
  11. Indulge in familial outing for pub lunch before decamping to Favourite Auntie’s arriving just as the threatened storm breaks (THANK YOU, WEATHER GOD). Entertain small family members until official cake cutting time is declared. Watch family members devour cake, accept compliments, watch ego swell to size of small principality à la Lichenstein.

Don’t take my word for it that it was ace, have some photos although sadly I neglected to take any of it in its well risen splendour:





Coming soon: new knitting pattern! It’s been far too long since I last wrote one properly but this deserves one. Huzzah. I haven’t quite finished the end product yet, close but no cigar…



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4 responses to “Chocolate rainbow cake and chilling out

  1. I would be upset about the smarties.

  2. katherinea

    My God. Is that three yellow Smarties I count? Such luxuries as one gets in the wilderness. Not like London.

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