August photo a day: time flies

I am genuinely completely thrown by the fact that it is the end of August; I swear last time I looked it was February. Time flies when you’re having fun or is that time seems to go faster as you get older? It really does feel as though the year’s flying by even though there are quite definitely individual days that go on for actual weeks… August started in a haze of Olympic!joy and a visit from my bestest whilst it winds down in a haze of Parlaympic!joy and a visit to my bestest. I like the symmetry here. In between I had a visitation from some other chums, a sojourn in Rural Derbyshire and a horrific post-Olympic pre-holiday slump. There’s something about August that’s funny – I think it’s the hangover from school days feeling that I really very definitely should not be having to schlep into work every day.

Crucially though, one thing I did do in August was to cast of the shackles of using a hairbrush. Currently my hair is wild, slightly fluffy and has a tendency to make me look like I’ve escaped from a 1980s Australian soap opera. Lovingly I’m referring to it as my ‘lionfro’ whilst working out how to tame it to stop it going horizontal. On the upside, getting it into a bun wasn’t half the trauma I’d feared it might be and that, mes amis, is toujours a complete and utter bonus (and probably worthy of a post all of its own).

September, on the other hand, is a month of promise – probably tied into the old mindset of the new academic year. There’s something in the change of season as well, as the colours and light start to change with the beginning of autumn. It’s like casting something off and preparing to start again.

In light of my life flashing before my eyes, another month of FatMumSlim’s photo a day challenge. 31 days of catching a brief snapshot of my existence. And, yes, I’m still impressed with myself for keeping up with this one!





















Prompts: 1. outside/2. one/3. coin/4. somewhere you sat/5. logo/6. writing/7. 8 o’clock/8. glasses/9. mesy/10. ring/11. purple/12. spoon/13. simple/14. arrow/15. ready/16. food/17. faces/18. inside/19. hole/ cool/22. home/23. pair/24. path/25. fresh/26. dream/27. tap/28. clock/29. down/30. card/31. hidden


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