Time flies: September photo a day

I know I probably say this pretty much every month, but how on earth did another one come to be over? The year is rattling past at an alarming rate and I swear it can’t be October tomorrow already – my brain is definitely stuck back in about June 2006 still… There’s a definite autumnal nip to the air now – it isn’t cold, not yet but it will be – and I’m watching the season change in the trees at the train station. Watching autumn roll in to the Metrop is totally different to watching it roll in over Rural Derbyshire, not necessarily a bad different but once the colours reach a peak of gorgeous dark and warm colours I start to miss my hills.

Anyway, September’s been a kind of funny month all round, I guess. It started out with a trip to visit my Bestest in which we made a yarn bomb and watched an awful lot of the Paralympics. I then had a trip to the Paralympics which was pretty ace and following that we watched the victory parade from the terrace at work which was totally epic and we had the best view EVER for the fly past. There’s been the usual work and ballet and socialising and knitting but I’ve been made of epic fail on the being useful in the kitchen front. I got over my fear of the word ‘intermediate’ in relation to a ballet class and decided I was ready to push myself again – my brain and legs aren’t quite ready to keep up yet, but we’ll get there. The San Francisco Ballet came to town and were super duper awesome and ace. September will also be remembered as the month where my upper spine began to click and my osteopath got a bit keen because finally, after goodness knows how many years, there’s some movement starting to creep in where everything is all gnarled up as a result of the kyphoscoliosis. Woo! My Dessert Sharing Friend produced her girl child and I’ve been to visit for baby cuddles. My friend from school who moved to New Zealand when we were 16 happened to be in the Metrop this week so we went for lunch which was ace. My best friend in all the world came home from China so I’ve been able to see her. And I found out an old housemate from uni had died. All in all, right now I’m not sure if I’m coming or going.

So it seems as good a time as any to round the month up by the medium of a photo a day. I’m still keeping up with FatMumSlim’s photo a day challenge, go me! My innate stubbornness I think will see me through to the end of the year. What strikes me every now and again is how often I link the daily prompts back either to ballet or to knitting. I think that speaks volumes…





















1. you now/2. father/3. far away/4. in your post box/5. bright [idea]/6. everyday/7. natural/8. at night/9. something you do most weekends/10. black and white/11. hero/12. together/13. table/14. favourite [piece of the evening]/15. first thing you see/16. strange [me wearing heels is a rare event]/17. in my fridge/18. price/19. underneath/20. man made/21. sometimes [I think I’d like to try again]/22. up/23. before bedtime/24. three things [a girl needs to take to ballet class]/25. frame/26. near/27. love-hate/28. a good thing/29. errand/30. you then


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