October photo a day

Well, October is over and autumn has well and truly settled in. The metrop has gone from green with hazy orange and brown around the edges to a full on burst of autumnal colour. It’s dark in the morning when I wake up, it’s dark when I leave the office, some days it doesn’t seem to get properly light at all and it’s only October – goodness knows what it’ll be like come December! In the last month I’ve been to Lord’s for afternoon tea with my bestest, spent a weekend out in the wilds of Yorkshire with some of my favourite people laughing myself silly, had a weekend in my beloved Rural Derbyshire, been to a Hallowe’en party, seen the Birmingham Royal Ballet twice, thoroughly cleaned my house, danced a lot, knitted a bit, spent relatively little time in the kitchen and been to work in between all of that!

Another month drawing to close also means another month’s worth of photos from Fat Mum Slim’s challenge. By the end of the year I’ll have 334 photos on this here blog documenting a prompted snapshot of my every day existence from 1 February to 31 December. It’s probably going to bug me forever (well about ten minutes every now and again) that I didn’t do January to get a full set. But never mind, onwards!































1. where you stood (MIND. THE. GAP)/2. lunch time/3. this happened today/4. what you read/5. shadow/6. I’m thankful for/7. light (in the Long Room at Lord’s!!!)/8. angle/9. red/10. emotion (ohhh ~feels)/11. something close up/12. on the table/13. landscape/14. makes you laugh (everything that happened that weekend)/15. dinnertime/16. something you wrote/17. fruit (crumble craving)/19. letters/18. made you smile today (always think through the tights-shoes-ballet tights combo on ballet days)/20. 4 o’clock/21. calm/22. in your town/23. the view from here/24. weather/25. people/26. listening to /27. morning/28. looking back (so much domesticity!)/29. moon/30. (ballet) clothes/31. whatever you like (a pidge in Trafalgar Square)



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