Knit, plié, purl, tendu: cable legwarmers and adage

One of the most satisfying things to knit is a good fiendish, tricky cable. One of the most satisfying things to get your legs around in ballet is a good adage. There are a lot of similarities between the two, to my mind anyway.

Cables in action

To knit a cable is a simple enough concept but I always find the hardest part is keeping the stitches either side stable enough. One of my bete noirs in knitting is the first purl stitch off a cable, don’t keep it tight enough and there’s a slight ‘bagging’ to that purl stitch. Just like in adage when you feel your supporting leg start to go, when your knee begins to bend a little, when you sink into your hip…

I’ve developed a recent ‘thing’ about knitting cables. For a while it was all about the Fair Isle, then I got sidetracked knitting my Little Nephew a blanket and then I had a bit of an epiphany about legwarmers. I like seamed tights (not for ballet just in general) because they are seriously awesome – even if I never can get my seams straight. Thinking about this one day I wondered it I could apply this principle to legwarmers and run a cable up the back of them in the fashion of seamed tights.

My gorgeous Tulips by Tracy skirts

Partly it started because I decided I should man up and get over my ‘thing’ about ballet skirts. Partly it started because I appear to have developed an awful habit of losing legwarmers. Partly it started because winter is creeping in and I need more thigh high legwarmers. And then it really started because I ordered the above beauties from Tulips by Tracy and needed legwarmers to go with them.

And who wouldn’t want legwarmers like these? From the front they look like normal, plain, stockinette legwarmers and then from the back… wham, bam, thank you cables ma’am. (Excuse the mess – I’m having issues with the crop function and man flu/pathological laziness is winning out.)








They’re both quite different cables: the black pair are a fairly simple braid cable and the lilac pair a slightly more complex twisty cable. But the lilac cable really, really reminds me of ronde de jambe: that swooping swirly motion of the working leg against the fixed supporting leg.

Coming soon: why lace knitting is a lot like petit allegro…




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17 responses to “Knit, plié, purl, tendu: cable legwarmers and adage

  1. Liz

    Those are beautiful legwarmers. Please do not lose them!

  2. I love your ballet/knitting analogies! And the legwarmers! For some reason I never thought to put a cable in a legwarmer, but I love the idea!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 The ballet/knitting thing just makes so much sense to me… and cable legwarmers are quite frankly the best idea I’ve ever had – I can’t even be modest about it 😉

  3. Your leg warmers look beautiful!!! So pretty!! I can barely crochet. Forget knitting!! Hah!!

  4. Love the leg warmers – you’ve got some mad skills there, girl! The pale blue polka dot skirt is soo pretty, I think I need to have one too. Maybe as an early xmas pressie? And you know what I like too? The creative disorder in you bedroom! It gets so boring to read all those edited lifestyle blogs. Coz you just know that The Big Mess is looming off-frame..

    • Thank you :)))

      Yissss, you need a tulip! The polka dot one is more turquoise than my camera is willing to show – but completely and utterly gorgeous.

      Hahaha, my mess is definitely creative. I know where pretty much everything is, or at least where it should be. The problem is there isn’t necessarily anywhere sensible to keep half the stuff that just lingers. Or I need it every day so there is no point putting it away 😉

  5. Love the skirts and the legwarmers! I have just cast off a new shrug (Heather by Buttons and Bows if you want to look it up on Ravelry) … we need our warm ups at this time of year 😀

    • Definitely! I wear legwarmers all year round anyway in varying heights but at this time of the year I need my handknits that come ALL THE WAY to the top of my legs.

      Ooh, I shall go and have a nose on Rav. I’m not overly keen on shrugs (they do hunchbacks no favours ;)) but the beauty of things like shrugs is the patterns ae easily adaptable…

  6. These look amazing! I wish I could figure out doing cables while knitting. I just can’t. Being left-handed makes it difficult.

  7. I really really wish I could make something cool like that! The cable is awesome! My 9-year-old niece can knit a bit…perhaps I can convince her to give it a try when she’s a little more adept at things! 🙂 Fun post!

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