November photo a day

I think it says everything about the last couple of weeks that I have absolutely no memory of the beginning of this month. There just aren’t enough hours in my working day right now to do everything that keeps coming up. Anyway, this time tomorrow I will be in Berlin and I will not give one tiny flying *ahem*.

I had half planned to review the Royal Ballet’s MacMillan triple bill in this post as well but inside my head is still all ‘OMG THE MAN IS A GENIUS’ about it and coherent thought is really not happening. Maybe if I’ve found coherency in my thoughts I’ll review it when I get back from Berlin but I’m not overly optimistic.

On account of it being the end of another month, it’s time to round it up courtesy of FatMumSlim’s Photo A Day challenge. Tempus really does fugit, doesn’t it? I am completely as to what’s happened to this year. Certainly it has swooped by when I’ve not been looking. Now despite the fact that the boys at work have been sterlingly growing moustaches for Movember and I have been supporting their cause by wearing a false moustache for a large part of the month (especially at moments of great wisdom) I appear to not have a single photo involving my moustache. Sad times for you – it’s a beauty. The usual smattering of ballet and knitting related photos plus a lot of ‘weather’ shots…

1. sth beg w~ c2. colour3. breakfast4. TV5. 5 o'clock6. a favourite thing7. reflection8. sth you do every day9. small10. sth you can't (won't) live without11. night12. drink13. where you slept14. man made15. in your bag16. view from your window17. last thing you bought18. happened this we19. sth awesome20. work play21. what you wore22. grateful23. black24. sound you heard25. sky26. in the cupboard27. tree28. vehicle29. big30. on the wall






























1. something beginning with c/2. colour/3. breakfast/4. TV/5. 5 o’clock/6. a favourite thing/7. reflection/8. something you do every day/9. small/10. can’t (won’t) live without/11. night/12. drink/13. where you slept/14. man made/15. in your bag/16. the view from your window/17. last thing you bought/18. happened this weekend/19. something awesome/20. work/play/21. what you wore/22. grateful/23. black/24. sound you heard/25. sky/26. in the cupboard/27.tree/28. vehicle/29. big/30. on the wall




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2 responses to “November photo a day

  1. antoinetta13

    We’re netbook twins! Love mine….have a lovely break.

    • Thank you! It was awesome good fun (post coming soon!) and I’m totally in love with the netbook – it’s getting its first trip north tomorrow…

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