Llama, llama, duck: a spot of festive Fair Isle… [a lot about knitting]

I’ve been safely ensconced back in Rural Derbyshire since Thursday and it has finally stopped raining – I can even see blue sky outside of the window! Which is more than can be said for the other day…

Hills, clouds, the usual...

Hills, clouds, half the landscape missing, the usual…

As is my wont, I’ve probably been too ambitious with the knitting projects I’ve brought back with me in relation to how much actual knitting time I’ve got. I’ve also hit a stumbling block in that I am really not feeling the cable pattern I copied out for my new legwarmers. I’ve browsed the intrawebz a bit for a replacement but nothing is quite the same feeling as flicking through a book. Wah.

Anyway, on the plus side everyone needs that one friend where they say ‘oh I’ve got a pair of llama gloves’ and they don’t object when you promptly snatch the gloves from their hand and start to copy down the chart. No really, you do. Lucky I have that friend (she’s also jolly good at indulging my love of llamas in general).

Argentinian llama!!!

Argentinian llama!!!

I know my knitting has been all about the cable legwarmers lately but the current trend for red and white Fair Isle has managed to get under my skin a little (to the extent I seriously debated buying a onesie simply because it was in red and white Fair Isle: just let me state for the record THERE IS NO NEED FOR A ONESIE IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF THREE*). So back earlier this month when bestest and I jaunted off to Berlin (which I still haven’t blogged about, for shame!) to eat all the currywurst and drink all the Gluhwein, I took a red and white Fair Isle hat as one of my holiday knitting projects (the other was a pair of fluffy socks that I’ve fallen out of love with, meh).

Jolly, jolly

Jolly, jolly

I was halfway through a pair of quite sedate red and white Fair Isle gloves to go with the hat when I arrived back in Rural Derbyshire for Christmas and had I not gone to visit Newly Married Llama Enabling Friend they’d probably have stayed quite sedate. As it happened she showed me her llama gloves and that was that, end of story. I now own a pair of llama glittens and that, mes chums, is better than Christmas.

December 2012 033December 2012 034December 2012 035





Truly my life, it is complete:

December 2012 036

I am really not cut out of modelling…

*Entirely my own personal opinion.


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