An ego-boosting snippet of Christmas…

For reasons of my ego, I feel the need to share this snippet of Christmas Day conversation between my Big Nephew (BN, aged 7) and one of my Little Cousins (LC, aged 10):

[vague talk about LC being able to read everywhere except in the car because it makes her ‘puke’, her term not mine I hasten to add, to which I commented that I was able to read in the car.]

BN: AND you can knit in the car.

LC: I know she can knit in the car, my GRANNY* said so. Anyway, she’s knitted me a pair of socks.

BN: Well she’s knitted me a blanket.

It descended into fairly competitive small child-esque one upmanship from here on in until my cousin threw Favourite Auntie’s blanket at BN and said I’d knitted it to which BN looked quite pitying and muttered something about his being better. Let’s just say the whole thing tickled my ego and it definitely needed recording for the mind of posterity.

On which note I do have a legwarmer to finish before I leave tomorrow…


*LC’s Granny is my Favourite Auntie for the record.


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