New Year, New Knits (legwamers, teeny tiny people things and a kindle cover)

“I have a problem,” I informed a class mate this week as she was admiring my new legwarmers, “every time I buy a new practice skirt I have to knit legwamers to go with it.” This is especially potent as I type whilst I’m trying SO HARD to resist a new Designed By Alice skirt whilst she has free shipping considering this was my downfall last time (I am a SUCKER for free shipping). Before Christmas Alice quite cruelly had a free shipping weekend and I accidentally wound up purchasing a skirt (it would seem I have totally got over my ‘thing’ against skirts, huh) which of course necessitated a trip to a yarn selling emporium and my Christmas break given over to knitting legwamers to go with it. I say this like it is such a hardship…

Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 002Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 004Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 005





To be honest, the only thing stopping me clicking on purchasing a new Alice is the fact that I need a tiny knitting break from legwarmers… I’ve started quite well already, I must confess. Being at ‘that age’ where everyone I know is breeding means that I have every excuse ever to knit tiny adorable items of clothing for friends’ imminent progeny, hurrah! Thigh high legwarmers take forever (comparatively speaking) to knit – a baby jumper (even with repeated ripping and reknitting) takes a chunk of weekend. And, let’s face it, tiny babies are a darn sight more adorable than me.

Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 009Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 007Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 010





The sweater proved to be a real labour of love – largely owing to my inability to actually read a pattern or tell the difference between left and right… my bestest quite wisely advised I steer clear of seams for a while once I’d completed it! So I moved on to something to cover my new love: my Kindle. A nice quick knit and, lo, I have red and white Fair Isle ballerinas! Hurrah for red and white Fair Isle!

Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 011Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 012Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 013





It’s quite comforting sitting inside knitting and watching the snow fall outside – although I do have an urge to run around singing “Schneefall” to the tune of “Skyfall”… still, it’s kinda pretty out in my corner of the metrop (unlike central metrop where Schnee has an unfortunate habit of just looking a bit ‘grey’) right now. I may be singing a different tune when I have to battle my way into the office tomorrow but there are bridges and there are bridges and right now I am more focussed on not spending money on a new skirt but my resolve is crumbling…

Knitting and Snow - Jan '13 018



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3 responses to “New Year, New Knits (legwamers, teeny tiny people things and a kindle cover)

  1. Wow. Nice items! I knit square things…

    • Thank you 🙂

      Essentially I also knit square things, or mostly rectangular things… sometimes with a teeny tiny bit of shaping, or a bit of sewing. But there’s a lot of four sided shaping going on 😉

  2. Awesome kindle cover! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! Have a look at the details here:

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