To get back to the pointe

About 18 months ago I had a moment of epiphany on the Northern Line which mostly made me happy because i got to make a tenuous link with Sister Act. At that juncture I decided that pointe was quite definitely for other people and I was perfectly happy with that.

Except the opportunity to get back to the pointe has presented itself and, in what can only be described as a moment of brain to mouth failure, I found myself agreeing to restart pointe as of fairly imminently. I don’t know how I feel about it just yet but I’m putting it out here so I don’t back out on it.

In other news my blanket is coming on gorgeous (I am at the stage where I like wearing it and pretending to be an evil knitted penguin…) and I whored my soul out to Apple and upgraded my poor old crack berry wireless device to an iPhone (i blame all errors in this post on using the touch screen and auto correct). I’m not sue how I feel about that yet either.

Colour me all kinds of confused. And up past my bedtime. Silly self. Here have some pictures instead.





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