Quality Time

I am really, really getting slack at this whole blogging malarkey. It’s not that I have nothing to say, more that it just feels like such an effort to say it. I guess I have a touch of blogger’s lag or something. I could blame the weather, malingering under a heat wave is such an odd occurrence in Angleterre… It was ace up until the point my shins got sunburnt yesterday. In Rural Derbyshire. Go self! I could blame taking class five nights a week now, by the time I’ve gone to work then ballet it’s bedtime when I get home. And there’s my addiction to knitting my blanket…

This weekend is all about QT though. Four days in Rural Derbyshire with my hills and my books and my knitting. Yesterday I sprawled in a sun lounger with my knitting, kindle and TMS on the radio box. It was a hazy summer day and the clouds rolled overhead occasionally breaking into brilliant sunlight and an amazingly blue sky before new fluffy cloud drifted along.

This morning there’s a distinct drop in temperature so I’ve used the time wisely to rearrange my Chalet School books into chronological order since they were unrearranged when my Vati moved the shelves so I could sit up and read in bed without having to crack my head on a shelf to do so. He’s a good egg, my Vati.







(Photos in entirely the wrong order: resewing pointe shoe ribbons in the park on my lunch break, my blanket!, my hills, a few books I’m borrowing, Mutti’s blanket which I’ve appropriated for the weekend and Baby and Pirate overseeing my chalets)


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