One day

One day I will sort out the contents of my dance bag and decide I don’t need to lug it all around on a pretty much daily basis.

That day is not today.

And you know that when that day arrives, the next day I will wonder why I don’t have a blister plaster/deep freeze/hairspray/spare shoes/other item from the Generation Game conveyor belt, eg cuddly toy, microwave…




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7 responses to “One day

  1. katherinea

    “She produced from a small case, books, a double pack of patience cards, a box of American candies and a basket of ripe grapes, as well as her own knitting-bag, a couple of newspapers and a small washing-case complete with face-cloth, soap and towel.”
    Summer Term at the CS

  2. Rael

    Haha I’m always the one to carry all this stuff around and never use it myself. The other dancers in my class thinks it’s kinda awesome because whenever THEY need something, I have it!

    • Hahaha, yes this! I am also the useful ‘go to’ person at work as well because I go straight from the office to ballet… I wonder if it’s an appropriate life skill for my cv?

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