Happiness is…

…finally nailing a double pirouette to the left which is lazy, slow and incredibly controlled. Also, crucially, noted by your teacher (who is blithely accepting of your post-pirouette victory dance).

…piqué turns en pointe.

…an attitude balance on demi pointe that feels so perfect you could stay up there forever.

…a sense of calm in adage complete with not wobbling and not minding catching yourself in the mirror!

…feeling suspended in the air during a jump.

I’m not sure I’m “good” at ballet yet, most days I’d barely describe myself as “competent” but sometimes, just sometimes, I start to feel “okay” with what I’m doing.

On the other hand, happiness is definitely not crashing into the barre doing a fouetté pirouette and taking your knee out. I can heartily not recommend that kind of thing.

So maybe “okay” is a good adjective to stick with for now…


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One response to “Happiness is…

  1. RO

    Wowww good for you!! I wish I could achieve even 2 of those accomplishments…. keep up the good work! 😀

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