Knit, purl, plié, tendu: maintenance

I am spending a wee while sanding down the points of my favourite 4mm bamboo knitting pins because they were starting to look a little too well… Chewed, I think is the adjective I’m after.

I confess that I do actually chew the points of my knitting needles which is a disgusting habit but helps me think.

On the other hand, I don’t chew my ballet shoes because that would be seriously disgusting, but you do have to do a little maintenance to them as well. Just simple things like not leaving pointes languishing in my bag with their padding still in them or washing my flatties because they’re dirty and smelly.

Keeping your needles clean and fit for purpose is like making sure your elastics and ribbons are still secure.

But mostly I just wanted to post about sanding my knitting needles..





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