I was happy at the ballet…

There appears to have been a lot of ballet viewing in the last five years. I like programmes, they remind me of the things that made happy. Problem is storage space is at a premium but I can’t bear to get rid of any of my programmes for anything because it would almost be like getting rid I my memories. I keep the tickets too but it’s quite the same.



To misquote the Crème Egg advert: how do you keep yours?



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4 responses to “I was happy at the ballet…

  1. Liss

    I must confess, I rarely get a programme to anything – history plays are about the only thing I’ll splash out for. I don’t keep tickets, either. One day I will tragically lose my memory and everything I’ve ever done with it…

  2. awesome. i’m not so organized tho- mine are just squashed on a shelf 🙂

  3. RO

    Oehhh lovely!! I have kept all of them too..! They are in a specially developed ballet-album, muhaha!

  4. Programmes have more information, but tickets are smaller to store *archivist face*

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